How heavy LeBrons really are? Introducing the Weightionary! »

Aug 31, 2008 at 2:44 pm | updates

You know how a shoe pops out in the stores and some of them have this really cool description including the weight of the shoe. Well… what does that tell you? We don’t even know what size that is and very often the measurments provided are no near the facts. With LeBrons all this is of higher importance, because it’s a commonly known issue that LeBron James’ signature kicks are heavier than some of us would like them to be. For that reason, the crew came up with an ultimate shoes weight guide that’s focusing on all Nike LeBron shoes and some other top notch Nike Basketball sneakers – Hyperdunk, Kobe III, Huarache 2k4, Air Jordan XX3, and more – used as a reference. Now you will have a hard evidence and precise information about everything weight related. As you have probably seen that’s not the only thing new on today. The fresh newsbox above should help you stay in touch with all the breaking news. Witness the truth after the jump.

How heavy LeBrons really are Introducing the Weightionary