Happy Two Year Anniversary Nike-LeBron-Dot-Net!!! »

Mar 21, 2009 at 1:25 pm | updates

That’s right, NLB.net is now 2 years old, so Happy Birthday to NikeLeBron.net. Shout out to all the readers that’s been with us since 2007, or even before that when we had run the site on Google Pages. We all know NLB has definitely grown since March 2007, but we really wanna thank each and everyone of you for inspiring us on daily basis. We really hope you have enjoyed our early birthday present – Forums – which we were able to launch sooner than expected (initially it was planned for today). Once again PLEASE make sure you sign up on the boards if you haven’t done so already. Just Do It! By the way… if NikeLeBron.net makes your life easier and you would like to see us expanding even more, please consider making a donation on our behalf. Gathered money will be used to pay our hosting bills, which have tripled since last year. The more money we have to spend on bills, the less shoes we can feature on our own. Think our work is worth $5? Make an easy Paypal donation on this page. Wanna donate shoes? :)… use the contact form. Thank you for support! Yours truly – Greg Huber aka Kaczala.

NLB.net in numbers:
  • 1,168 Posts
  • 91 Pages
  • ~8,478 Shoe Pics
  • ~4,216 Game Pics
Happy Two Year Anniversary NikeLeBronDotNetHappy Two Year Anniversary NikeLeBronDotNetHappy Two Year Anniversary NikeLeBronDotNet