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May 2, 2010 at 3:30 am | lebron-viishoes

Today, LeBron James will be presented with his second Most Valuable Player award. While we’re waiting for the ceremony and the official voting results, we’re also awaiting a release of his new MVP sneakers. Last year, when The King was crowned with his first MVP trophy, Nike created a special limited edition of the Zoom LeBron VI. It was a treat for all his fans. At present, everybody is anxious to see what this year’s MVP’s are, however, things are not looking good at this point. Below, there are photos presenting a customized lasered version of the Nike LeBron VII Low. It’s a commemorative sneaker for today’s MVP party. Also, LeBron will lace up the MVP VII on court (probably tomorrow), but his is the only pair. Apparently, selected fans will be able to get some of the lasered Lows, but apart from that there’s no information about any other shoe coming out whatsoever. That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more news. Hopefully, that’s not the end of it.

First Look at MVP Low LeBron VII8217s AMLVII Release UnknownFirst Look at MVP Low LeBron VII8217s AMLVII Release UnknownFirst Look at MVP Low LeBron VII8217s AMLVII Release Unknown Show Album
  • 216ant

    Wow where do I start? How about pass the barf bag….Seacrest out lol

  • phoenixphire

    once again. Nike is content with dropping the ball…wtf. Nike yall are trippin!

  • kweazy

    i would probably get them for what they represent but they arent that good looking otherwise

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  • w1tness23

    nike is being so stupid this year. Why the hell would u make the low the mvp shoe!!!! Come on u got two signature shoes out the actual 7 and the playoff shoes make those the mvp. I dont understand what goes through the minds of ppl in nike sometimes coming out with this piece of crap and then not releasing it to the public when they could have made his better models the mvp shoe.

  • w1tness23

    only good thing about this shoe is what it represents and even at that they did a shit job on designing it with no creative process involved at all.

  • jr_lyon

    I’m gonna be f*ckin pissed if they don’t release a REAL MVP shoe!!! They f*cked us hard enough by not releasing the HWC shoes this year! But I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Let’s not forget how LAZY they were with the Yankees release this year as well! Yeah, completely uncreative with this… and WHY THE LOW! What a let down!

  • they don’t look that good I mean they are alright but I am expecting an mvp shoe on the amlvii edition

  • but i have a feeling they are going to have two editions this year because I don’t think lebron would wear shoes that would leave some damage on the court lets just hope they release lebrons version (if he has one)

  • jclown94

    lets focus on the positive. the logos are nice! :lol:

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  • NeDe23

    created this shoe last minute…cmon nike…shoulda thought lebron becoming mvp would happen again… that way the shoe would be designed better than this.

  • This is not THE MVP shoe… it’s just a commemorative sneaker for the occasion. Bron won’t wear lows, of course. I believe there’s a new colorway, but that’s for LBJ.

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  • lovelivelife23

    It is a mystery y nike the would not put that little of time into the air max..smh..but nevertheless but ill be the one on @ midnite ready to buy…god help us all

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