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The Zoom Soldier III has somehow avoided a massive flood of fake shoes in the Internet, but still please watch out as many General Release and Limited Edition colorways have been counterfeited.

Fake GRs

It’s always the most difficult task to spot a fake OG colorway. For now we post couple examples of fakes. Pretty basic stuff. In the first two cases the color of the sole is wrong. Black/White/Red edition should be predominantly Red like for example here. The Navy colorway’s sole should be all Navy with White pods and Red L23 logo. Also, the strap should be made of synthetic material… not leather. Moving on to the Camouflage style… again the sole is off. It should be translucent with a Camo pattern exactly like this. Finally, the Aqua colorway’s pods on the sole shouldn’t be translucent like in the photo below.

Fake Exclusives

Unfortunately Limited Edition sneakers are also prone to become fakes. Below, there are three Soldier III’s: Finals, Playoff and the Dunkman edition. Both, Finals and Playoffs can be spotted thanks to a translucent outsole, which is not present on the fake models below. The Dunkman ZSIII, on the other hand, well… the original version features a different shade of Green as you can see . Additionally, the original version possesses a very distinctive contrast stitching, which is nowhere to be seen below.

Fake colorways

Remember to check the existing colorways at the menu on the left. If a given style is not listed, there’s a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit.