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Check out the fake Zoom LBJ Ambassador pics below… They should help you stay out of trouble.

Fake OGs

Fake OGs are the most difficult to tell and the most important at the same time, cause they matter the most to the regular consumer. In the case of the Ambassadors we’ve been able to verify at least two (out of four at this point) General Release colorways, that have been counterfeited. The initial White/Black/Grey style should be… well… White, Black and Grey. However, fake models seem to have forgotten a little bit about that Grey outsole that the original version is sitting on. Fake 333492-101 White/Black-Mandarin has a White outsole and that’s pretty easy to tell. The other – White/Crimson/Gold – Zoom LBJ Ambassador that was popular enough to become bootlegged is much harder to spot. However, we’ve found one little detail that’s very useful in order to do the authentication well. Below there are three photos featuring this colorway and please focus on the one showing the sole. The thing is the swoosh and the L23 logo are upside down. They should be facing up, not down. Check back soon for some side-by-side comparison photos.

Fake colorways

Remember to check the existing colorways in our Sneakers Dictionary section. If a given style is not listed, there’s a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit.