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The box and the box label

The box and the box label are always the first thing to check. The 20-5-5’s box may look similar to the LeBron II box (2005 release) or like the regular Nike box (2006 release). The 20-5-5’s label should say [ZOOM 20-5-5] so don’t be surprised if You will not see the LeBron name which may appear on a fake box:

2005 box: 2005 box label:
2006 box: 2006 box label:

Tongue – LeBron + James

There are two details that should let you successfully identify a fake Nike Zoom 20-5-5. The first and the most important of all is the LeBron and James text on the tongue. Legit shoes have written JAMES on the left shoe and LEBRON on the right one. Look at the photos below:

RIGHT shoe: LEFT shoe:

Fake Nike Zoom 20-5-5 almost always has written LEBRON on both – left and right shoe:

Tongue – background

Second important thing is the fact that in original shoes the background of the LeBron and James signs on the tongue of the white/black colorway is BLACK [left photo] but in the fake ones the background is WHITE [right photo]:


The black/red colorway should have BLACK background and RED text [left photo] instead of a fake BLACK text on RED background [right photo]:



Differences between each shoe, left and right, are a very good thing because they help identify fakes. Fake shoes are mainly based on a sample/catalog photos of just one shoe so it’s hard to make a good fake if the shoes are different from each other. The 20-5-5’s left and right soles are different. The left one has NIKE written on the middle and the right one has a Nike SWOOSH just like on the photos below:


Remember to check the existing colorways at the menu on the left. If a given style is not listed in there there is a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit. The are seven General Release colorways for the Nike Zoom 20-5-5, here they are:

Fake colorways examples: