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The first batch of fake colorways included the classic Black/White/Red, Royal Blue, last year’s Chinas copycat and the Olympic edition. Now, it’s pretty much every colorway that has been release by Nike plus a couple of non-existing styles. Please be careful when searching for kicks online and don’t buy fake shoes!

Signature box

For the Nike LeBron X, Nike went back to the black signature drawer box. The new box features the L-crown-J logo on the top, a LeBron X logo on the side. Once pulled out, the drawer box itself comes in Red with black L-crown-J logo and a unique bakground.

Zoom Max

This is probably the trickiest part to copy although definitely not impossible. Most of the early fake colorways feature the old 360 Air Max look-a-like instead of the all new Zoom Max unit. The difference is quite noticeable. Zoom Max consists of densely packed threads instead of the classic Air Max pillars.

Diamond cut Swoosh

Diamond cut Swoosh is that extra, cool looking feature that was only applied to the Nike Plus colorways or the Post Season version of the Nike LeBron X. The list of Diamond cut LeBron X’s is very short. It includes the Gold Medal, Crown Jewel, Blue Diamond, and Pressure colorways. It’s safe to say that seeing the Diamond cut Nike Swoosh on anything else means it’s a fake.

Limited edition

This has been the biggest change over the years! Instead of “inventing” own colorways and copying General Release styles, fake merchandise is just, like everything else, based on demand. The biggest hype surrounds the limited edition shoes and since it’s nearly impossible to obtain MVP and Championship Pack kicks the regular way, you may stumble upon counterfeit items. Therefore you really need to be doubly cautious!

Fake colorways

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  • grant

    those extraterrestrial/all stars is a pic of the real ones

  • grant

    im a sneakerhead I would know, I have most of the 10’s

  • Timon

    How does the big kids lebron x differ from the men’s?

  • Johnnykdlebron head

    Love des shoes

  • Daniel

    Real Lebron = U$270,00
    “Fake” Lebron AAA+ = U$69,00
    i have 3 pairs of “fake” lebron’s xi and i dont have nothing about to say, they are perfect!!!! if you put the real x fake, you dont see anything wrong!!!

  • Kobe

    Shit half the shoes listed as fake are real colorways. The cobalts, gold medals, volt, prism, south beach ps elite. This is a bs list

  • vgubuybvvv

    haha dude ur funny

  • Chidi Sam Nnamani

    You are incorrect in limiting the diamond cut swoosh versions to just what you mentioned above when the below pic is an original and also diamond cut

  • Please read with understanding ;)
    ” The list of Diamond cut LeBron X?s is very short. It includes the Gold Medal, Crown Jewel, Blue Diamond, and Pressure colorways”

    This is the Pressure colorway.

    Everything is OK.