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The box and the box label

The box and the box label are always the first things to check. The Zoom LeBron III box features LeBron’s lion head logo on the top and the [LeBron] text on each side. Check out the examples below:

Dynamic strap text

One of the details that helps to perform a successful legit check is the LeBron text on one of the dynamic straps. Actually it is located on the only vertical strap. The text should say [LeBron] on both the left and the right shoe. Below are few examples of the correct scripture:

Fake shoes often feature wrong text on the strap as well as wrong color of the text. Both shoes should have the LeBron word on the dynamic strap. Many fakes have replaced the correct writing with James. Another important thing… remember that the strap text should be the same color as the surrounding it background. All the General Released shoes have it like that. Fake Nike Zoom LeBron III may have colored text which is wrong!

Sole colors

Second good rule which helps to spot a fake ZLIII is the color of the sole. Please be sure to check the exact concurrence with the actual colorway. Below you can see two examples of the correct sole colorway:

Notice that the above pictures are different from the ones below. The LBJ3 sole consists of 3 parts and fake shoes very often have mixed-up these parts with wrong color placement. Check the photos below:

Inside label

Another thing that you should always turn your attention to is the inside label. At all times be sure to check the label and verify if it carries the proper style code, size and see if the quality of the label is not suspicious. All the important information about each colorway is listed on our description page here.

CORRECT [white/gold]: FAKE [white/gold]:

Fake colorways

Remember to check the existing colorways at the menu on the left. If a given style is not listed in there there is a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit. There are eight General Release colorways for the Nike Zoom LeBron III.