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The box and the box label

The box and the box label are always the first things to check… In this case the box handle should look like the one on the left (photo below). It should be a rope not some plastic. The right one is fake and also look at the label which is wrong as well. Nike Zoom LeBron II box label should say [ZOOM LEBRON II] and nothing else!

The ZLII box: Proper label (white/navy colorway):

Ankle straps

Original Nike Zoom LeBron II have two removable ankle straps. They should feature Nike SWOOSH on the right shoe and text NIKE on the left one:

The only exception from this rule are several Chamber of Fear Player Exclusives. They’ve written CHAMBER OF FEAR on the left strap. Many fakes also carry this text but mostly they have also wrong colorway and of course you should remember that PE’s are very expensive and very hard to get. Example:

LEFT shoe (all-star): LEFT shoe (white/navy):
Fake all-star colorway often has a Nike Swoosh on the left shoe instead of the right one Fake white/navy colorway can be recognized due to wrong background of the NIKE sign

Inside label

Fake Zoom LeBron II can be recognized thanks to a suspicious looking inside label (poor quality, unrecognizable text). Also the text may be wrong sometimes. Remember that the code for LeBrons II is 309378-xxx (xxx is a number of different colorways). Below is an example of a fake inside label.

CORRECT [birthday]: FAKE [black/white/red]:

Swoosh below the laces

In the original shoe the swoosh below the laces is perfect and properly aligned (left photo). In fakes the swoosh looks much worse (right photo)… it looks as if someone couldn’t draw in lines :P. Below are the examples:


Lasering at the back

Another thing that helps to identify fake LeBron II sneaker is the lasering at the back of the shoe. Legit shoes (left) have much more lasering than the fake ones (right).

The insoles

The label on the insoles should be pointed to the right side of the shoe when you’re holding them straight forward. This applies to the left and the right shoe… labels should face the same way. Just like the one on the left photo below. Fake insole label is placed upside-down (also the stitching maybe sloppy). The top of the label is facing the left of the shoe which is wrong!


Fake colorways

Remember to check the existing colorways at the menu on the left. If a given style is not listed in there there is a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit. The are four General Release colorways for the Nike Zoom LeBron II, here they are: