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The box and the box label

The box and the box label are always the first things to check. Nike Air Zoom Generation has a generic Nike box (no customized Nike LeBron box like other signature releases). Below are some examples:

White/Black/Red box label: First-Game box label:

LJ23 logo, LeBron sign

First details that help identify a fake Air Zoom Generation are two LeBron logos on the tongue. Each colorway has a different LeBron sign as well as different [L23] logo. Below You can see proper colorways:

White/Black/Red + White/Red: First-Game:
Black/White/Red: Wheats:

Below are two examples of fake logos. You should be able to notice the difference from the pictures above (correct logos). Wrong stitching color plus wrong style of ‘LEBRON’ text on the tongue:

Fake White/Black/Red: Fake First-Game:

Nike Swoosh, Tinted window

Next, also a very good rule to spot a counterfeit is Nike swoosh border color plus the reflective metallic tinted window on the back of the shoe.

Original White/Black/Red: proper Nike swoosh, Peel off foil is still on Original First-Game: proper Nike swoosh color, Peel off foil is still on
Fake White/Black/Red: wrong window tint (there should be no text) Fake First-Game: wrong swoosh plus wrong window tint (there should be no text)

Peel off foil

Deadstock Nike Air Zoom Generation has a [PEEL OFF] foil on the metallic tinted window on the back. Due to this feature it is very easy to know if the shoes have been used or not.


AZG’s insole text should say LEBRON. Also notice that different colorways have different insole colors:

White/Black/Red: First-Game:

First-Game Nike Air Zoom Generation is special that’s why it has stitched LeBron James’ NBA debut date inside the shoe [11-5-2003]:

Fake colorways

Remember to check the existing colorways at the menu on the left. If a given style is not listed in there there is a great chance you’ve found a counterfeit. There are 5 General Release colorways for the Nike Air Zoom Generation, here they are: