Dunkman Preview with Nike Ambassador V in Hasta & Seaweed »

Oct 22, 2012 at 3:28 pm | ambassador-vshoes

According to the style name the presented Nike Air Max Ambassador V uses that same color scheme as the upcoming Nike LeBron X Dunkman. It’s already the 3rd version of the Ambassador 5 that’s available for purchase in Asia. Which one is your favorite?

536568-300 Hasta/Hasta-Seaweed-Atomic Green
Dunkman Preview with Nike Ambassador V in Hasta amp Seaweed
  • Jadakiss

    Jr Lyon an ur comments our ?????


    Wish I could find these or the Jade pair in size 14. Its very rare that any ambassadors pop up in that size. I did find the black/red ones but they are boring.

    Hows that for ya?

  • These last couple of years, the Ambassador line has looked nicer than the Soldier line imo.


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  • ABierly12

    Looks more so like the Canary colorway of the LeBron X but could go either way. According to Nike.com November 2nd is when one of those two colorways will drop alongside the Pressures.

  • jwill22

    why are u guys hatin on JR_LYON? we are all on here to give our opinions on the kicks being shown. why we gotta waste time hatin on comments? much respect to JR_LYON.. his comments are consistant and he loyal to the game here on this website

  • Jimbob

    u even write paragraph teehee


    Thank you for tge good words man. Respect to you! Its just one dude using a couple different names hatin. I almost feel bad for him that he got nothin better to do than stalk my life. Its gotta suck to be that pathetic.

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