Carbon Fiber Nike Zoom LeBron III Low Black-Ice Sample »

Sep 13, 2008 at 4:04 am | lebron-iiishoes

The Zoom LeBron III Low has to be one of the least popular LeBron shoes, but there’s a reason for that. Usually, low-top’s main purpose is to deliver its big brother in a more accessible way. Whether you use lows as basketball sneakers, or simply for casual you’re probably looking for the same thing… you want a lighter, less restrictive shoe. That’s exactly how it’s suppose to be. However with this one… it didn’t turn out that well. First of all the shoe is still heavy. Some people ball in AF1s or Fusions and it’s ok to them, but when a lowtop weights 18.10 ounces that’s too much. Also, lows should be more appealing. A good example here are the IIs, which set standards in various departments – performance, looks, quality – and the PE colorways are smokin’ hot. Another common thing is a quality downgrade. In order to cut down the costs, Lows don’t use the same top-notch technology as Mids. For example Carbon Fiber gets replaced with something less sophisticated (ZLIII, ZLV), and Zoom Air is switched to a regular Air bag (AZG). With the ZL3 Low the biggest downgrade was lack of the carbon fiber midfoot shank, but there’s a sample version, which didn’t suffer the economy cut back. Maybe that would make them more useful on the court. Shout out to tsikenjoy for hooking us up with the photos.

Carbon Fiber Nike Zoom LeBron III Low BlackIce SampleCarbon Fiber Nike Zoom LeBron III Low BlackIce SampleCarbon Fiber Nike Zoom LeBron III Low BlackIce Sample Show Album