Available Now: Nike LeBron XIII Balance »

Nov 30, 2015 at 10:28 am | launch-datelebron-xiiishoes

The Nike LeBron 13 in the presented Balance colorway was originally set to release on December 1st for a retail price of $200. Again, Nike has shuffled things around and this new pair drops today! It’s interesting that only two stores have been mentioned to carry them, eastbay.com and nikestore.com, and fans in Europe are not currently included either.

None of the recent Nike LeBron signature shoes was sold out on the release day, but Nike seems to be making an effort to change that and limit the distribution numbers for some editions. For example the Opening Night version is actually called LeBron XIII Limited, but right now most of the sizes are still available online.

Let us know how does the Balance 13 rank among other styles. It’s not even December and there are 8 different versions available. That’s a lot… even for Nike.

Available Now Nike LeBron XIII Balance Available Now Nike LeBron XIII Balance From LeBron 13 Show Album