Another Look at the Nike LeBron XI (11) Army Slate »

Jul 11, 2013 at 5:06 am | lebron-xishoes

Here’s a long awaited brand new look at the upcoming Nike LeBron XI. I know some of you are / will be missing the visible 360 cushioning set up, but I’m getting more and more excited with each new set of pics. The new look offers a peak at the traction pattern and similar to the Soldier 7 we get a non-traditional pattern. Additionally, some of the new cushioning is visible through the outsole and seems like there’s an internal Zoom Max installed. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and continue reading for some of the previous looks. Photo via

Another Look at the Nike LeBron XI 11 Army SlateAnother Look at the Nike LeBron XI 11 Army SlateAnother Look at the Nike LeBron XI 11 Army SlateAnother Look at the Nike LeBron XI 11 Army Slate
  • sports23fan22

    I’m loving the fresh look of these.


    I’m super excited for these

  • airfox23

    I need these in my life

  • jwill22

    Really nice change! I’m starting to get a feeling about the XI that I didn’t necessarily get with the X…its a good feeling

  • I’ve been waiting for a shoe like this for a couple of years. Super excited :D!

  • sports23fan22

    I think this pair could be one that’s looked back on 20 years from now as a game changer. The LeBron 11 will be like the Jordan 9, epic.

  • jwill22

    no doubt! I like the X but there are only a number of hot color ways in my view…there was a lot of trash color ways! This silhouette of the XI holds potential for so many sick colors! My favorite LeBron was the 8.

  • airfox23

    Mine too bro, my favorite lebron was the 8 but these ones look better on performane than the X

  • jwill22

    To be honest, the x was unique but wasn’t that crazy as far as standing out as a signature sneaker…The XI is completely different then other sneaks and the are right up there with the 8 so far… there is potential for a ton of sick color ways!

  • airfox23

    I agree with that bro, I can’t wait to see what sick colorways they will mix on the XI, too bad now its all about sweepstakes and twitter rsvp I miss the old days when you would just go early as hell and stand on the line, that was a pair secure for sure

  • jwill22

    honestly…that is why lately I have been really looking to scout out deals on Ebay on the good old stuff like 7’s and 8’s…with the prices soaring and limited quantities increasing I want to salvage what I can of classics I missed out on. let the hype beasts scoop up the same stuff all the same day!… fine by me!

  • Andy Valadez

    Do you think is a possibility the lebron 11 will use the same pro plate cushion as the 28s.

    Making the shoe light weight???
    In my opinion it’s the only cushion better then the 360.
    Looking at the pic about it looks like desperate pods one for the fore foot and one for the heal. It would be genisis if they did.

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