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Oct 4, 2011 at 2:30 pm | lebron-ixshoes

Last week we mentioned about a catalog photo presenting the Nike LeBron 9 in the Triple Black colorway and how great it was to get a black LeBron shoe with a white swoosh installed… just like The King wears it. Turns out the actual shoe is pure black with anthracite details meaning no white swoosh after all. Seems like it’s reserved only for his Player Exclusive styles. It’s not a big deal, but I was excited about the sample. What’s your take on this matter?

Actual Photo Presenting LeBron 9 8220Triple Black8221 No White SwooshActual Photo Presenting LeBron 9 8220Triple Black8221 No White Swoosh
  • JRS

    It went from me getting them to me not getting them.. I got the 8v1 and 8v2 low triple blacks, don’t need another one at the moment.. I was looking forward to the white swoosh..

  • JRS

    They are hot though..

  • Rodolfo

    [quote comment=”119940″]They are hot though..[/quote]

    I agree

  • Atrain6

    Way better with White Swoosh

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  • JRS

    Yeah the Ohio state colorway is nice..

  • JRS

    Rmkstore has the away 9’s for preorder and air-knight has the cannons and
    Chinas for preorder too in case anyone wants to lock up pairs.. I wouldn’t with the away 9, they will probably be available everywhere..

  • [quote comment=”120047″]Yeah the Ohio state colorway is nice..[/quote]

    Freaking nice!

  • soles_and_js

    Of all the lebron colorways all blk everything is always my fave. I started collecting lbjs since the six, I own each blkout iteration.

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