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Aug 14, 2011 at 3:05 am | lebron-ixshoes

For the last couple years, since the 2nd LeBron James signature shoe, Nike has been feeding us with very practical black drawer boxes. Of course, each year the packaging is personalized with different graphics, which includes 3 different boxes matching the evolution of The Eight from the last season. For the upcoming Nike LeBron 9 the idea stays the same as it’s a drawer box once again. However, the color has changed as the box is white and there are no graphics, which have been replaced by a big new Nike LeBron logo. Do you like the new version?

Nike LeBron 9 and The New White Drawer Boxes it Comes In Show Album
  • isaiah

    wow id rather just buy the box than the shoe haha

  • Alcindor

    Can’t believe it, but they are starting to grow on me. But I still hope for better colorways!

  • I would cop the she but I rather wait other new colorway come out then I will decide.

  • Rodolfo

    I hate when they take pictures, and the tongue is in the shoe. It doesn’t look the same. I like the box & the shoe. Awesome!

  • NjP

    I want the new box a lot lol it’s finally something different and can’t wait for the shoes I really wanna see something different other than black based or white based maybe a blue or red colorway would let us know because the 8’s could do any colorway and be good

  • CTD20

    ;-) I’m feelin the new box and the shoes themselves are finally starting to grow on me. Who am I kidding? I’m going to cop the 9s.

  • Some how this reminds me of TMAC5 in shape design…hmmmmmmmm :cool:

  • joneenee


  • NjP

    Hey this ain’t related to the post or Lebron shoes but would you a pair of ’01 Jordan 11 Breds or ’09s I wanna wear them to I like the ’01s but don’t know how wearable they are since there old

  • Alcindor

    Ya’ll have to check out the photoshop versions… With the right colorways this shoe could be the best in the series and one of the best basketball shoes ever!!!

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