Throwback Thursday: LeBron VI (6) L.A. Rainbow Dunkman Sample »

Apr 22, 2010 at 7:19 am | lebron-vishoes

Unlike the Air Max LeBron VII, it seems like the last year’s model of LeBron’s signature shoes came out in a significantly bigger number of colorways. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s one of those things when we complain about too many shoes one year (ZLVI) and then we’re not completely satisfied when they do the opposite (AMLVII). Still, the VII has been released in 15+ different variations (not counting all MTAG’s), but feels like Nike took a break slightly too soon. Maybe it’s because we want to see some of those beautiful shoes from the Heroes Pack or any of the HWC’s available to public. Either way, our last hope is the MVP edition. Of course there’s no official information, because the award needs to be officially announced first. However, I don’t see it any other way. The question is will we see a new shoe or one of these. Check out new photos of the Zoom LeBron VI in a Los Angeles colorway from last year’s City Pack. One of those energy releases we are missing this season. It’s the Sample version featuring a “Rainbow Dunkman” logo on the back of the shoe.

Throwback Thursday LeBron VI 6 LA Rainbow Dunkman SampleThrowback Thursday LeBron VI 6 LA Rainbow Dunkman SampleThrowback Thursday LeBron VI 6 LA Rainbow Dunkman SampleThrowback Thursday LeBron VI 6 LA Rainbow Dunkman Sample Show Album
  • 4DRUMZ

    Oh man, I remember when these pics leaked last year and everyone hated that logo! I don’t get why they even considered it… :???: it’s like when JB slaps some stupid themed logo on a Jordan retro (though, the flu-face dude was kinda cool)

  • They were named after LA – And the graffiti was something that was added to the shoe, because LA has a ton of it. That “rainbow” that you say is actually the KRYLON logo – WetvWLRCfCNTmdSFFz3SNuDffXUsRMQBaGXXxVgR50YJbAS
    And that was the representation. Although Nike, like they always do take peoples stuff before permission so this shoe was scrapped because Krylon didn’t approve of the logo used on their shoe.

    Just giving you some more info Greg – That’s not ‘rainbow’ :)

  • Forget it –

    Look up the logo yourself.. lol

  • Nick

    I want a pair of these so bad! :shock:

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