PE Spotlight: LeBron’s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII’s »

Mar 5, 2010 at 4:19 pm | lebron-viishoes

Some great colorways of the Air Max LeBron VII were released this season. Although this ride is coming to an end, it’s hard not to think there are still some styles that will be missed. LeBron James wore the Hardwood Classic PEs (Blue and Orange) on 10+ different occasions. It’s no surprise fans have been rooting for them to drop. Also, I believe the other HWC style dubbed as CavFanatic PE would meet high demand, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, Nike has given no indication of whether any of the HWC’s would be released. At this point they are considered Player Exclusives only. Continue reading for detailed photos presenting HWC Blue, CavFanatic, and HWC Orange AMLVII’s. If one of them hits public, which one would you like it to be?

PE Spotlight LeBron8217s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII8217sPE Spotlight LeBron8217s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII8217sPE Spotlight LeBron8217s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII8217sPE Spotlight LeBron8217s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII8217sPE Spotlight LeBron8217s Hardwood Classic and CavFanatic VII8217s
  • Zach13g

    HWC’s all day!

  • jr_lyon

    I’m gonna be so pissed if the HWC colorway is not released. I already bought a matching limited editon blue and orange “Witness” Shirt to match! Why would they not release these colorways this year?

  • jr_lyon

    I need the blue HWC in my life!!!! Serioulsy that is probably my most favorite Lebron shoe of all time in the HWC blue colorway

  • Yeah let’s show Nike how much we want them. Leave comments saying we want HWC’s!!! Maybe they listen :mrgreen:

  • YEAH IM HOPING THE HWC BLUE/ORANGE ones release too. C’mon Nike!!!! Bless us please! Yall release a gazillion colors of Jordan, and Penny’s…let us have a few more colors. SVSM, HWC and the CAVsFanatics! Please Nike!

  • FliGhT23IV

    I want all three hwc.. the orange , blue and maroon..

  • roadkillkitty

    All stars and eastbay colorways were garbage but these two HWC colorways(especially the blue white orange joints) are fire!!!! Hey nike please release them!

  • 4DRUMZ

    Yeah, sick… both CW’s… seriously sick! I actually like the red more!?!? Didn’t expect that because the blue/orange are so hot. Both are phenomenal :shock:

  • YES! They have to release HWC! Or else it would be suck if Nike didnt release these! If it does release then I am gonna COP this HWC Lebron VII. It’s very STUPID Nike release Cool Grey Packs. What is the point of Cool Grey Packs ? They dont match up the HWC Cavs jersey or t-shirt! Why does Nike have to release Cool Grey Packs!?!? I think Cool Grey Packs SUCK! BIG TIME!

  • Rodolfo

    they need to release these blue white n orange ones as a materof fact all of them these are all the best

  • W1tness_this23

    remind me of the Big Apples but better!




    i will CRY if the blue hwc dont release :cry:


    blue HWC need to drop
    release nike


    If the blue HWC could talk i would marry it


    this will be my face if the blue HWC release
    :grin: :smile: ;-) :lol: :mrgreen:

  • Sensai216

    They just HAVE TO release the blue/orange HWC!!!!! I’ve been saving the $ for these, praying to the sneaker gods that they drop….PLEASE NIKE!!!


    ive also been saving $ for the blue HWC
    i remember when i first saw him wearing them
    i told my self that i have to get these

  • Yeah man…I have to get these! If i gotta track Lebron down and ask him my self for these! Im gettin em!

  • Please Nike release the HWC Blue

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  • Tomas

    ORANGES….man. anyone find these feel free to send me a price you want for them. lol

    those and the CavFanatics are nasty good.

  • James PHX Suns Fan

    I Prefer The red One it is awesome I do anything for them it matches my School Color. They should just put Both Out Nike should just Approve it. I gotta get the Fanactic red Kicks. I got the orginal red/White Varsity. I am getting new kicks soon in like 4 Weeks. I cry if you dont get red& Blue or mad. I like those a lot. I want them Relesed.

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