LeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker! Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VI? »

Jul 28, 2008 at 10:21 am | lebron-jamesusa-basketball

Check out these hot photos from today’s practice. LeBron’s rocking a new shoe and it might be is the long-anticipated Nike Zoom LeBron VI. Photos below come from a training session for the Beijing Olympics at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel in Macau. James said that his right ankle, which he injured in practice last Tuesday and which held him out of Friday’s shellacking of Canada, is “healthy” and “good”, but this is an unexpected surprise to get back like this. Seems like there won’t be any leaks this time, he decided to break them out himself. This is post with id=1000 on NLB.net. Talk about timing. So, what do you guys think? Better than the previous version aka Zoom Power? UPDATE: New pics added. Thanks to you big dummy.

Source: nba.com, yahoo.com, getty, reuters | From USA Basketball

Photos Copyright Notice: Copyright 2008 NBAE via Getty Images. Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images, REUTERS/Victor Fraile, AP Photo/Kin Cheung.

LeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VILeBron James Introduces His New Sneaker Is It The Real ZOOM LEBRON VI
  • 4DRUMZ

    MY… what a BIG SWOOSH you have! Hmmmm… did the ZLV, Soldier II, and ZL III have a baby? It’s ok!

  • Yuck

    Not impressed… Nike keep dropping the ball. :roll:

  • dOubleO

    IMHO I like the previous one…

    Looks like an X-Trainer for me…maybe they’re the updated LBJ Ambassador? :???:

  • brad b.

    man i hope thats not the new LeBron Zoom VI. if it is, nike killed the sig line.

  • Sports23fan22

    I like it a lot… it has a real old school feel to it.

  • Tomas

    Is that the Ambassador maybe? Yeah me thinks it is. I really like the sample pics of the VI that were popping up before – that was fire.

  • I think this is likely the redesigned LBJ Ambassador…

    This better not be the Lebron VI’s …

    Its very simple compare to the main Shoe line…….

  • Kaczala

    Sorry to inform you, but this is NOT the LBJ Ambassador.
    From what I know this is the REAL DEAL – NIKE ZOOM LEBRON VI – the redesigned version. It also matches the sketch that was seen on the forums some time ago and the description of the shoe I’ve been hearing for a while now from 3 independent sources.

  • dOubleO

    Then I’m totally disappointed with it Greg…shoe looks like a cross-over of LBJIII and ZK1 :???:

    If these are the LBJVI then they shouldn’t retail for more than US$140…US$125 at best

  • Kaczala

    Joon, we definitely need to see more pics!
    The design is much cleaner from the previous one, but it’s too simple if you ask me. so far only the sole makes me raise my eyebrow. We still don’t know anything about the tech inside. Anyway I will reserve my judgment until I see more pics and more colorways.

  • Ummm!! well!!! The Shoe is hot, but i dont think it should be the ZLVI. And this shoe is definetely Not the Ambassador!!!

  • dOubleO

    However, knowing how “PE” friendly the IIIs were…I’m guessing this shoe has great potential to release a lot of great PE colorways…

    And when I mean PEs…I mean F&F PEs, real PEs and HoH/China/Outlet PEs :mrgreen:

  • Gggggas

    Yes Greg, it’s almost identical to the sketch :wink:
    I like it, it’s so clean :grin: The outsole(probably XDR) is just :shock: I can’t wait for further pics and details on the shoe :wink:

  • Those are the Ambassador. If u go look at the ambassador pics, it look just like em… These sneakers look alright tho

  • I like em a lot.Hope that they are the new LeBron sig shoe.

  • poe poe

    these are probably not the VI. Lebron needs some more ankle support, so they have cut a quick pair of Ambassador. the soldier II does not offer any ankle support. that is my theroy.

  • GotShoes06

    “Calm Down” These are not the LBJ VI’s “I repeat” These are not the VI’s – ‘Poe Poe’ has it right trust!!

  • Kalan F.

    They look like Air Force 1’s a little bit.

  • Kaczala

    THIS IS THE NIKE ZOOM LEBRON VI! Love it or hate it, but at least know it.

  • hunter

    This sure does look like the ambassador. Thats my opinion though and i will keep thinking this until LeBron says this is the zoom VI or he rocks them in the first game.

  • tray

    this is the vi look on the tounge of the first pic it says vi on it….

  • rob


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  • linlihao

    It`s too uglily,oh my nike..it looks like dunk,maybe lebron is not hot.

  • harl3m

    Nothing Special but way better than that garbage they were considering in the prelim stages.

  • hgatherer

    lookin like the air jordan ones. i think there pretty fly. hopefull these are the lebron VI.

  • LBJ Fan

    they’re wayy better than the previous sketch it this is the official VI, Id love if they are just as light as the hyperdunks. Checked out the hyperdunks at the mall today and fell in love…but so sad..no money for em :(

  • CAVSfan09

    I think that these are way better than the old pics, but the shoe is off his normal signature shoe line, it may be put back on track with a little rethinking.

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  • rj

    it looks cool, not as good as zlv’s, but anything lebron wears turns out looking good anyway. all you haters out there are probably still buying these just because they’re lebrons.

  • i.c.ee

    Man nike bet not throw out that other concept of the lebron VI those had the look of the lebron sig. series them some real kool kicks! :mad:

  • TD

    For those saying these are not the  VI’s go to kixandthecity.com  It says that lebron himself called these the new Zooms. Give Nike a chance to play with the Cavalier colorways. Nice old school feel to them.

  • Gotthat

    Simple and clean Nike’s. Nice change.

  • gonzo

    they look just kile the kobes that recently been reported on. I’ve liked every lbj shoe so far, some more than others, but these seem too plain!

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  • nice snaekers and you are good in basketball if no one cant respect that then there whole respect is wack

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