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Here’s where our unique Timeline section comes in handy! Our friends at Complex put together a special article showcasing every single Nike LeBron shoe worn by King James in the NBA. The days when Michael Jordan used to wear just three or four colorways over the course of a season are long gone – LeBron uses three or four MODELS over the course of a season, and three or four colorways during a single playoff series. Sorting out each and every pair of signature shoes he’s worn over the course of his career, from the Air Zoom Generation to the LeBron X Elite, was a monumental task, but one well worth taking on. Some pairs were worn for just a single game, others for a single half, but all have significance in a career that becomes more legendary by the day. Check out The Complete History of Nike LeBron Sneakers Worn By King James using the link below or browse through the LeBron James’ Shoe Timeline for each season.

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We will post detailed photos presenting the Dunkman ZS3 in a few hours, but here are some other shots from Nike’s TPE 6453 event in Taiwan. There are several Zoom LeBron 6 Low and Zoom Soldier 3 colorways including amazing Dunkman (3M upper) and Aqua styles (wow!). TPE 6453 is a gallery to display latest technology and the lifestyle from Nike. The best place to catch up the ideas behind the product, and the spirit from the brand. With the orginality from Cortez and advance technology embbed Cortez Flymotion, the TPE 6453 demostrate the effort of shoes manufacture improvement from Nike. Friends who visit TPE 6453 might ask what is on the 2nd floor? Other than the concept gallery in the first floor, TPE 6453 host a concept showroom – ROOM 72. ROOM 72 is a lounge area designed for celebrities, influencers all over the world. It is shortly opened in the night of grand opening night. After then, you have to be invited to access the Room 72. was invited and has pictures for us. Read the rest of this entry or visit the source at

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After updating the top menu last week, many have wondered what the new item – ‘Sneakers Dictionary‘ – is. It’s high time to deliver an answer. This new section features all Nike Zoom LeBron shoes categorized by model. It provides pictures oriented shoe listings (one-shoe-one-photo), galleries (self-explanatory) and showcases (general releases presented via variety of angles and close-ups). Basically it’s the same as the albums we’ve been using so far. However, the old approach is hard to organize and customize that’s why we’re stepping up to meet readers’ expectations. The new pages are located directly here on and should save some loading time, which can be still high due to the large volume of photos. The menus on the left sidebar are still linked to the old albums and your preferences will be highly appreciated in order to choose the best method. All in all has always been about the fans and their comfort to browse this website. To express your opinion use the comment box below and help to decide if we’re heading in the right direction. Also, please let us know if there are any bugs and errors. Thanks!

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During the recently completed 2007 NBA Playoffs we provided a follow-up of LeBron James’ game shoes. As you may already know in all out of his 20 post-season games The King wore the Zoom LeBron Soldier – his latest signature sneakers – on all occasions. Throughout the Playoffs LeBron used 2 versions of white colorway and 2 versions of the navy one. Below, there’s a set of in-games photos presenting the Soldiers, that we were able to gather around.

Round 2: Game 5 Finals: Game 3 Finals: Game 3 Finals: Game 4
Round 1: Game 3 Round 1: Game 4 Finals: Game 1 Finals: Game 1
Finals: Game 1 Finals: Game 2 Finals: Game 2 Finals: Game 3
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The Nike LeBron XII is finally available in NBA 2K15 by 2k Sports. Before the update we were forced to use Cavs’ colored Nike Soldier 8’s, but now LeBron James has been equipped with his actual sneakers. The in-game LeBron 12’s are also available for customization and you can apply your own colors too. Having up-to-date sneakers is a must have for every video-game series these days. Both 2K Sports and EA Sports productions have done their homework this year. Check out this interesting interview on how sneakers became a part of the 2K series and here’s the detailed look at the in-game kicks in NBA Live 15.

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Nike introduced the Triple Black colorway of the Nike LeBron 12 during the official unveiling at Nike HQ back in September, however, it’s yet to make the list of upcoming styles. Compared to last season where the “Blackout” LeBron 11 hit stores late in March we still have a chance of landing a predominantly Black colorway of the LeBron 12. So far, most of the announced styles are lively and colorful, even the Datas, and it’s always a good idea to release Black kicks. They may seem boring, but for some sneakerheads it’s the only way to enjoy sneakers on daily basis. The most interesting part of the presented “Blackout” LeBron 12 sample is the smoked outsole. Most of the other styles come out with the classic multi-colored pods.

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Check out the deconstruction of the Nike LeBron 12 by not so merciful to sneakers long7. The biggest innovation used on the Twelve is the hexagonal Zoom Air cushioning and now you can see the small Zoom Air pods up close. A couple of performance reviews have already been published and the general consensus is that the forefoot cushioning is barely noticed. This is either good or bad. Maybe it’s so evenly dispersed or maybe the units are too small. On the other hand, the heel unit kicks ass from what I was told. See the detailed pics below.

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