The Real Dunkman Version of the Nike Zoom LeBron IV »

Jan 28, 2012 at 3:23 am | lebron-ivshoes

If you’re familiar with the Dunkman collection you’re already an expert. However, there’s always something new to learn. In this case… a new Dunkman LeBron shoe has been recently unveiled and no it’s not the upcoming LeBron 9 as you’d normally expect. We take you way back to the Nike Zoom LeBron IV… the foamposite shoe. There was a Dunkman IV colorway, which was a big hit at the time, but it has never actually lived up to the level of LeBron II and III’s. The new version is much closer to the initial theme switching the white midsole in favor of dark grey reminiscent of that legendary Gun Metal Grey. Also, the sole is different as it comes without the translucent Dunkman logo concept on the bottom, which suggests it’s an early sample. That plus the fact it has WITNESS on the back instead of BELIEVE. Big thanks to Visrael for sharing, who probably owns the only pair that has seen the light of the day.

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