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Oct 1, 2013 at 4:41 am | updates is nearly 7 years old. Back then there were no smartphones, tablets and browsing the site on a mobile device could cost you a pair of kicks. Nowadays about half of all users prefer to use mobile devices, however, the current design is not fit for this purpose whatsoever. It works, of course, but it’s not optimized for touch and requires constant zooming in and out. Designing a dedicated mobile theme was a challenge because unlike other website it’s not only new posts that we deliver daily, but also other rich content sections like Timeline, The Collection, Sneakerheads, Fake guides, Release dates, and more importantly the Albums with nearly 30 000 sneaker photos and over 12 000 NBA photos. Starting today those who use iPhones, iPads, Androids and hopefully other systems too will get an alternative version when using their device. The previous version will still be served for desktops and it is be also accessible on mobiles, but not by default (via a special link in the footer). All posts and 90% of pages have been re-designed to work with the new theme. It’s still a work in progress, tho. Continue reading for a full list of features and changes and be sure to leave us feedback. Let us know if it’s the right direction or not. Go test it out!

Full list of features and changes:

  • Separate themes for desktop mobile browsers.
  • Optimized layouts for customs sections: Release dates, Timeline, The Collection.
  • Albums: loading photos on scroll to preserve bandwidth!
  • Release dates: new layout for mobiles, new filtering options! Examples: #1 #2.
  • Different layouts for smartphones and tablets in portrait and landscape (i.e. albums).
  • New lighter logo for mobile theme (yes, I know desktop logo needs to go too!).
  • Clickable header logo that navigates to the main page.
  • Option to switch back to desktop version (footer link).
NIKELEBRONnet Goes Mobile New Design for Smartphones and TabletsNIKELEBRONnet Goes Mobile New Design for Smartphones and TabletsNIKELEBRONnet Goes Mobile New Design for Smartphones and TabletsNIKELEBRONnet Goes Mobile New Design for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Please do let me know if there’s anything missing or wrong in general. I have manually tested the new version on 3 devices and lots of emulators, but nothing beats real world testing.

    I hope you like it! It’s been long two weeks for me :)

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    It’s about damn time.
    You guys do some great work. Keep it up!


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