Nike Expected to Lower LeBron X+ Price After WSJ & ESPN Spark a Debate »

Aug 22, 2012 at 2:32 am | lebron-xshoes

Initially, the Nike LeBron X was supposed to come out in two versions, with and without Nike+ technology, priced $315 and $180, respectively. Darren Rovell of ESPN has sparked a debate on how that affects the sneaker industry. The Wall Street Journal reported in its Tuesday edition that the LeBron X shoe, scheduled to hit stores this fall, would retail for $315. But one analyst, Matt Powell of SportsOneSource, later told ESPN that price was for Nike+ tech version of shoe, which would be limited in run, and would likely cost closer to $290. The LeBron X has motion sensors in the shoe to track various metrics including how high the player jumps. Tuesday evening, Nike spokesman Brian Strong called the Journal’s reported price “inaccurate,” while clarifying that the main version of the shoe would come at a significantly lower price point. “The LeBron X will be launched in the fall at a suggested retail price of $180,” Strong said, in a statement. “The initial introduction of the LeBron X will be the red, white and blue Nike+ enabled version and that price is still being set, but will be at a higher price to reflect the Nike+ technology embedded in the shoes.” Despite a rough economic environment, Nike has been able to pass on the rising costs of materials to its consumers with little resistance due to the premium associated with its high-end product.

Nike Expected to Lower LeBron X Price After WSJ 038 ESPN Spark a DebateNike Expected to Lower LeBron X Price After WSJ 038 ESPN Spark a Debate
  • The last sentence is golden!

  • keen observer

    also plagiarized from other site

  • niggiesmallz

    Are the air bubble on these bitches supposed to light up like in that picture. if so ima pay 300 for dem bitches.

  • Nike hasn’t officially “lowered” any price since they have yet to officially release the actual asking price for them. The only thing we know is that the regular signature pairs will be $180.

  • For real… if it lights up, I’m definitely getting them.

  • Also we know they won’t hit $300 mark after all. $290 is what they will probably decide on. Still, prices are insane IMHO.

  • Shoot, I think the $180 is a little insane, lol.

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