Nike LeBron X Sample with Air Max instead of Zoom Max »

Jun 29, 2012 at 1:50 am | lebron-xshoes

With the whole world watching LeBron fans are anxious about two things nowadays. When Nike is going to capitalize on LeBron James winning the NBA Championship and when the good leaks showing the actual Nike LeBron X will start showing up. After seeing the LeBron X in pieces… this time we get a look at a new sample featuring the 360 Air Max cushioning, which is probably an early stage sample. It definitely doesn’t look anything like this. Photo via LRJ23.

Nike LeBron X Sample with Air Max instead of Zoom Max
  • Hopefully they don’t look anything like these. Soldier 6 is a better look.

  • John Smith

    They look BAD A$$! In shape IMO. But the colorway, NO!

  • Perry

    Early stages ?… It already looks Good…

  • thkdfrankie

    and the 360 bag is back!! lets hope it stays that way and the silhouette is tight imo. ill take the shoe as is right now haha

  • mjnnaz

    the upper reminds me of the 8…

  • Sports23fan22

    Not a fan of this look. Nike should go big or go home with the LeBron X’s. The most polarizing player of our generation, just off an MVP and an NBA championship, and making it his tenth year signature shoe… they should definitely go all out.

  • I don’t want to see the 360 look again….yeah it was super comfortable but I was looking forward to seeing the visible zoom air unit!!! I mean it’s very different and it will make the shoe POP!!! Plus this early sample pic right here looks very plain and very similar to the 8’s so I really hope that this changes a lot!!! Also one last thing, I think the shoe should incorporate the Lion insignia on a medium-large scale and have the Nike symbol start toward the heel and work its way towards the back to so the shoe can look more unique and distinct just for LeBron instead of looking like a typical Nike basketball shoe

  • nikecool

    these remind me of the crazy light 2 with air and probably heavier

  • I agree with you 100%. Not the 360 again, please. Time for something truly special!!!

  • Yea they really do now that you mention it lol smh

  • Morale

    I liked the most Lebron’s when he played in Cleveland, III – the beginning of something new, 5 – Royal, 6 – the legendary, 7 – the most beautiful so far. I hope that this year they will surprise me with something new, but let’s wait.

  • 2nines

    Colorway?…It’s a sample made of cork, don’t think you have to worry about this one releasing my man.

  • JayDz06

    Never liked the reverse swoosh… =(

  • the 360 that they will sue is very different that is why I’m excited about it

  • allen

    That’s the correct tolling 360 zm max

  • I really hope they don’t do this and I really wish they would hurry and leak the actual photos of the shoe instead of all of these samples

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