LeBron, Miami Choke up as Dallas Evens up the Finals Behind Dirk »

Jun 8, 2011 at 1:39 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

LeBron James struggled in Miami’s loss in Game Four of the 2011 NBA Finals on Tuesday night. James had his lowest single-game postseason scoring total and again struggled in the fourth. You can focus on some nice rebounds or some good work as a facilitator, like in Game Three, but the bottom line is that this was a horrible performance from LeBron. He was passive offensively, missed some easy looks when he did try to score, and had his worst defensive game of the series. As a result the Miami Heat has once again lost to the Dallas Mavericks, who once again were able to pull off an impressive 4th quarter comeback. Dirk Nowitzki fought through a 101-degree fever to score 10 of his 21 points in the final period, including a decisive drive with 14.4 seconds left. The series is now tied at 2-2 with one more game left to play in Texas.

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LeBron Miami Choke up as Dallas Evens up the Finals Behind DirkLeBron Miami Choke up as Dallas Evens up the Finals Behind DirkLeBron Miami Choke up as Dallas Evens up the Finals Behind Dirk
  • roadkillkitty

    LBJ where you at :sad:?! … SMFH… Step up in game 5 man and silence all the haters! This is the finals man and he is playing way too passive. He needs to be more assertive to win this series or should I say win the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY…GAME 5 the HEAT will win but BRON needs to step up…BIG :x !!!

  • ace

    Im number 1 fan of u. Step up dude. Get the ring. This is your chance. Go LBJ!

  • Bisso

    Bron ur the KING man…i know ur not going to disapoint any of your fans or ur team in game five… go for ur triple double…then the ring…gd luck.

  • joneenee


  • I don’t wanna apply blame here, but whatever the reason is 8 pts still says a lot. If you watched the game… LeBron definitely wasn’t aggressive enough. This facilitator mode needs to stop now, cause they still need to win 2 games and nobody is gonna give it to them just like that.

  • LeBron needs to be the game player next game

  • He was shying away. He wasn’t thinking like a shooter. They got in his head. It happens to everyone, there’s always that one game where you can’t give it your all. I’m not really worried much about it though. We all know how much in need LeBron is for that title. You seriously think he is going to play like this for the rest of the Finals? Na, He is going to be so magnificent defensively & offensively it will end in Game 6. LeBron earns his ring, and gets the NBA Finals MVP. Just watch. Dwayne Wade & Chris Bosh and even the whole team has been playing well even though Mike Miller has a pretty bad arm at the moment he is trying hard. Not asking for anymore from him. It’s only LeBron. Tell me why LeBron only had 8 points and they BARELY won. A win is a win but when it comes to Team basketball Miami Heat has it. GOOD LUCK HEAT!

  • Ben

    He may have a nickname “King James” but he isn’t a “King” yet! Until he get his team and himself Championship. He had been playing like that when Cavs vs Spurs at the Final. He is doing excact same thing! If he want it. HE HAS TO PULL HIMSELF TOGETHER! He just can’t play very good in the season and all eyes on him then SUCKS at the Final. I really hope Lebron wake his ass up and get what he want! I am Lebron’s fans and I do not want to doubt him in the future if he don’t get the Championship. I don’t want all the “Haters” say HAHA! We told you! COME ON LEBRON! Unleash the BEAST OUT OF YOU!

  • JR_LYON aka Team Big Footers

    As much as a hate saying it LeFLOP is back for the finals!!! As much as he says he wants to win a ring he sure doesn’t show it!!!! Probably the worst I’ve ever seen him play!!! It makes me soooo angry to watch him play like this. It feels like I want him to get a ring more than he wants it!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

  • joneenee

    We want to “WITNESS” LeBron James Basketball…
    YES SIR!!! :shock:

  • ambokirik

    be THE KING with THE RING….

    Le BEAST!!!!

  • JRS

    Haven’t doubted him for a second.. They watched the game just like we did.. They know what they did wrong… It seems like if haslem jumps in the air to get a rebound, he has fouled someone.. Maybe it’s just me.. At the end of game 4 they were passing the ball around the perimeter trying to find a open shooter instead of putting the ball on the floor and driving, possibly getting to the line.. I really think LeBron didn’t do much of that because he is getting none of the calls he wants, and what he usually gets called all the time.. That’s how he can get on a quick roll.. Score in the paint like dwade did… Get some calls.. And Marion can’t stop LeBron forever.. But dallas is surprising them with their defense..Ok I’m done.


    Lebron better play better tonight cause I feel if they don’t win this game they’re not gonna win!

  • Ben

    Heyyyyyyy! Dont say that! We all wanna see Lebron n his team do it! They have only chance to do it!

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