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Jan 14, 2010 at 8:52 am | lebron-viishoes

February the 14th, is the date when the next NBA All Star Game will take place in front of an expected crowd of 80000, at Cowboys Stadium in Texas. Fans are already voting, trying to get their favorites in the starting five. Based on the votes they received so far, Kobe Bryant and Carmelo Anthony are leading the way in the West, while LeBron James and Dwyane Wade top the Eastern Conference. Usually, the All-Star game is a perfect occasion for athletes to showcase their shoes. As always LeBron James will sport a personalized version of his signature shoes – the Air Max LeBron VII in this case. Photos presenting the All-Star VII have surfaced the Internet. Apparently, it’s a Light Blue/Black colorway featuring a 3M reflective pattern. First thoughts?

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  • Let me put it this way… I am glad they are NOT HOT, cause otherwise I would be broke. So many nice colorways… make it easy to pass on the AllStar VII’s.

  • The007

    the worst of the VII’s I have seen so far… :oops:

  • W1tness_this23

    need better pixx??

  • jr_lyon

    These are a must for me. I love em!!!!!

  • Morgan

    Lebron vi asg = win
    lebron vii asg = fail
    what were they thinking!?
    Very disappointed!
    Was really looking forward to this colorway!

  • 4DRUMZ

    Wood grain was/is a cool concept… I like the black mid-sole, tongue, and ankle padding… the color is naaaaaaaaaaaaasty! :???:

  • [quote comment=”42411″]Lebron vi asg = win
    lebron vii asg = fail

    almost correct but the ASG VI was a big fail to, no inspiration they were pretty much the GR whit/navy with a touch of carolina blue.

    these seem to have some good details with the 3m, only place these will look good is during the AS game with the east uni’s, the average person can’t/won’t wear these.

    2 back to back limited Lebron VII fail’s, these and the xmas.

    hell if that blue is the color for this years east team Bron is better off wearing Red Carpet’s.

  • flight23iv

    Just like kaz said.. Glad they r terrible so else I’d be broke..

  • Like Zach said… these will match ASG jerseys and nothing else. And maybe the Avatar merch, lol.
    We definitely see some better pics (without flash), but the last AllStar Bron shoe I liked was the V.
    We can’t have them all anyway… there are so many more great colorways.

  • oneonenine

    Looks like I’m the only one who really likes these.

    I don’t care for any of the other cw’s of the vII,
    But these I definitely want.

    Can’t wait to hear what type of release this is.

  • I like the blue color I just don’t need a shoe with 90% blue 10$ black.

    black out the upper, leave the blue 3m part then I could maybe work with that, it’s just to much of that blue turns me off.

  • ^ edit that 10% black :cool:

  • So ugly Nike :lol:

  • super ugly colors! worst colorway right now when it comes to VII :sad:

    i count on dunk contest version :lol:

  • mOe23

    Uhh not again! I wanna know who’s in charge of color blocking, or in charge of colorway of the shoes. Damn! again i’m surprised?! Not much of a wow factor. Next CW pls!!

  • KTballer567

    I like them ;-)

  • Jamar

    i think the wood part should go with the hwc,makes sense too,,,nice colors but too much blue

  • Morgan

    I was very happy with the vi asg because my uniform is navy, light blue and white, so i got them
    but these just look weird and not nice

  • Brad b.

    Hmm first thoughts…uhhh wtttffff…youve gotta be kiddin me

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  • nick

    were do i buy them???

  • nick

    were do u buy them?

  • mathew gray

    putt more white on them. all blue isnt doin it for me. :sad:

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