Revolutionary Evolution – Air Max LeBron VII Performace Review »

Nov 12, 2009 at 1:21 pm | lebron-viishoes
Revolutionary Evolution 8211 Air Max LeBron VII Performace Review
  • Nene33

    Great review, a quick note, I’m 245lbs=112kg, and at my weight, they’re definitely responsive right out of the box, I even checked to see if the bubbles where still intact, because I was afraid they where too soft(luckily they’re both good though, and react the same *sigh of relief* ) :oops: , because they’re really flexible.

  • Thanks… btw the review has been opened for comments.

  • Afro_Angel_868

    i just bought a pair yesterday and it is the best lebron shoes ever the air max design is awesome pls keep up the good work

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