Air Max LeBron VII (7) White / Navy Official Release Date »

Nov 5, 2009 at 3:31 am | lebron-viishoes

LeBron James debuted the White/Midnight Navy-Varsity Red version of the Air Max LeBron VII on October 28th against Toronto. The result? His 25th career Triple Double. If you want to pick up a pair they’ll be in stores on November 19th, 2009 according to They posted couple pics too… let’s hope they present the production version and not the sample model. The most interesting thing about this colorway are 7 red flywire threads on the medial side of the shoe, which stand for the Seven as in the Nike Air Max LeBron 7.

Air Max LeBron VII 7 White  Navy Official Release DateAir Max LeBron VII 7 White  Navy Official Release DateAir Max LeBron VII 7 White  Navy Official Release Date Show Album
  • dds010

    Why no pics of the medial side? and also eastbay says their’s will shipp on 11/6

  • jr_lyon

    Eastbay’s dates are always jacked up! I hope these release with the navy blue midsole.

  • 4DRUMZ

    I’m with ya Jr. on that navy midsole! Breaks it up much more nicely than the white.

  • L23 Wtih Big Z & Now AP!

    Go here for medial side with the 7 red flywire things and im fine with either white or navy midsole cuz i kno either way im gonna end up buying these :smile:

  • jerome

    i love these.. i hope they drop by soon. i’m really tired of waiting for these colorway, btw. white or navy midsole suits just fine

  • jr_lyon

    Don’t get me wrong these are a must buy with white or navy midsole. I am just hopin for the navy midsole. I think it just does so much more for the shoe.

  • tintumz

    hello there.. just want you guys know that when i called footlocker and asked about the white/navy blue lebron 7.. They told me that it is not the navy midsole that they will release.. Hope it will be true.. Im copin mine.. Also they will release it in the 25th this November. Cnt w8 4 the release

  • buckeyejeff

    I got these on Dec.11. There pimp!! I been wearin air to the max for the last 15years and these are the most comfortable shoes I have. You can def. feel that new 360 tech. They are my 3rd pair of Lebrons & even the dude at champs agreed they were the best lookin ones Brons had out yet! They came with white & red laces(for real red, varsity) which look good but Iz got navy laces on mines! P-I-M-P Go Bucks!!

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