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Jun 25, 2009 at 2:30 pm | lebron-viishoes

We have been getting used to the new look of the next LeBron James signature shoe after seeing numerous fakes earlier this month. Now it’s time to make things semi-official. We learnt our lesson last year, when the anticipated Zoom Power got scrapped in favor of The Six. Either way, even if Nike decides to do it all over again, here’s a detailed look at LBJ’s 7th shoe from Nike. After the casual friendly ZLVI, it’s all back to basketball again. The LeBron VII features a Flywire/Leather upper and a full-sole Air Max unit, thus, it’s most likely to lose the Zoom prefix and become the Nike Air Max LeBron VII. Seventh shoe means it’s the final one before LeBron’s current contract with the Swoosh expires. New designer (Jason Petrie aka Alphaproject), new approach, new technology… we are anxious to see first test results. At this point it sounds very promising. Three New colorways after the jump.

Nike sZooms Air Max LeBron VII 8211 Leaked Catalog PicturesNike sZooms Air Max LeBron VII 8211 Leaked Catalog PicturesNike sZooms Air Max LeBron VII 8211 Leaked Catalog Pictures Show Album
  • Pajaro

    not bad just have to get use to them

  • dgoins1

    they look ok and is that a lime sole :mrgreen:

  • AKOO

    I sort of hope that this is not the actual shoe. I liked where they went with the six. The flywire just reminds me of the hyperdunks which i hate.

  • Harl3m

    eh, not bad. kinda like the red and white ones. I agree with akoo in that i ike where they wee going with the six as far as being casual.

  • mOe23

    Casual look for the pic! Let’s wait till the final look…the 2nd pic really looks like a replica of the Hyperdunk Supreme endorsed by Kobe.I won’t judge yet either at first

  • jusack

    i like the white and red.. look clean and bold.. i will love it if they insert the L23 logo.. its a must.. ^_^

  • Jayson

    Nah those are crazy…you have to really look at them and picture them on ya feet…crazy.. keep the design

  • L23 With Big Z

    ^^^I couldn’t agree more with you, everyone is always a little anxious to see the next LeBron Sig shoe and it always starts like this: “Its ugly, don’t like the design, etc” but then later on everyone likes it! GO CAVS!

  • Lebron MVP

    :cry: these are :oops: :oops: :oops: dont like si’s were better

  • Lebron MVP

    these are not to my liking

  • I’ve learnt to not judge the shoe until holding it in my hands, but I will be missing the casual appeal of the VI. Hopefully these are gonna be deadly on court.

  • Tudor32

    I like them, but these are not like the other LeBrons. They don’t inspire me strenght.

  • Curtis J

    They look like the zoom soldiers II’s and zoom lebron IV’s o yeah and the zoom power but they are still fresh they most likely will do more to it

  • afro_angel_8686

    the coolest lebron sneakers so far i like the flywire idea they say its the lightest among the other lebron sneakers can’t wait to have them in my lebron collection ;)

  • Mary

    LeBron makes every shoe look badass. These will look great on him.

  • Dunkman

    yo these are FIRE!..better than the VI

  • DanMan

    :?: They should put zoom air. It looks like the hypermax (they look heavy!!!)

  • Tlova86

    These LeBrons are sick. Can’t wait til these drop.

  • GA



  • lightbyte001

    U could call these the hyperdunks 2 they r like identical

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