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May 5, 2009 at 5:23 am | lebron-vishoes

82 games. 82 opportunities to put it all out on the court. Triple-doubles and broken records. Battles fought hard to the end. Now it’s time to applaud, acknowledge and witness the 2008-2009 Most Valuable Player in the Zoom LeBron VI MVP Men’s Basketball Shoe. The MVP Six features LeBron graphics printed across the midfoot-strap and toe, premium gloss distressed leather midsole and binding, and crackled white leather quarter and vamp for a chalk-like texture. Click here for an NDC link. The shoes won’t ship prior to 5/30 and are limited to one pair per customer. Also, it’s expected to drop in Asia at the end of the month. With all the aniticipation and hype around this year’s NBA MVP does this sneaker meets the expectations?

386735-101 White/Black-Metallic Gold
Exclusive Preview of LeBron James8217 MVP Shoe 8211 Nike Zoom LeBron VIExclusive Preview of LeBron James8217 MVP Shoe 8211 Nike Zoom LeBron VIExclusive Preview of LeBron James8217 MVP Shoe 8211 Nike Zoom LeBron VIExclusive Preview of LeBron James8217 MVP Shoe 8211 Nike Zoom LeBron VI Show Album
  • At least this time Nike didn’t wait like 3 months after the award, LOL.

  • Monn

    Being white overall i think is pretty hot, but im not sure about the print on the toe strap area.

  • hmmm, not what i expected….i thought for a MVP they design something special.

  • Jerome

    Now i don’t know what to buy… ZL VI MVP or ZLIII navy white… anyone? please help me decide… :mrgreen: :neutral: :roll:

  • Tomas

    its ok….just ok :roll:

  • melo_22

    These are deffinatly a dissapointment in my eyes I think with the design of the Lebron 6 this yaer it enabled nikes desginers to come out with infinate colourways. The overall colourways this yaer disspaointed me and this shoe is just the icing on the cake.

    I hope next yaer is better :???:

  • I agree… we’ve seen so many great ZLVI colorways and these are not even in the top 5. The significance is the only thing keeping them alive. Looks like this will be a super limited release so if I can’t buy it with an ease I won’t force it… that’s for sure.

    Nike… you should have released the Dunkman Six… and everybody would be happy :mrgreen:

  • rj

    [quote comment=”29333″]At least this time Nike didn’t wait like 3 months after the award, LOL.[/quote]
    is that what they did to kobe? well, this is better than some other colorways they made.

  • Nalga

    :smile: these are now the hottest shoes anywhere….
    M__V___P LeBron James…..go cavaliers….screw the lakers


    If anyone was able to order these and wants to sell them please email me jr_lyon@comcast.net. Sz 14 would be best but i would buy Size 13-15.
    Again if you want to SELL the Lebron VI MVP shoe please email me at

  • 4DRUMZ

    The CHALKS should’ve been a prototype of what Nike COULD’ve and SHOULD’ve done with an MVP CW. Seriously disappointed! The print on the toe strap doesn’t work for me. I do like the black/white blocking and the black tongue is real real nice. Would’ve made a nice LE or PE… just not an MVP.

  • Curtis J

    These are cool but hey at least he has an MVP shoe all that matters is he got it and the CAvs are the hottest thing out now just need to win the finals is my biggest concern

  • Frank


    I stayed up til midnight waiting for them to drop and they didn’t so I went to bed figuring they would come out today… Apparently they were released when I was asleep cause when I woke up to check at 6:30 am (credit card in hand), they were gone! ..anyone know if nike’s going to restock? and are they gonna be this limited if they do?

  • Lebron MVP

    :mrgreen: :mrgreen: kool wow hope i can get them :)

  • Lebron4MVP09

    Wish I could cop some of these, but already sold out on nikestore.com…damn :mad:

  • dillmaster

    hey if anyone finds a website to buy these at email me asap at dillonbolton@yahoo.com looked every were for them!!! Help me out on this!!!

  • mOe23

    The print on the toe’s looks like the hyperdunk Black mamba edition Kobe used to wear on the olympics haha but these is the best LeBron signature line ever nike has made. Wohooooooooo 23 fan forever since, after Michael Jordan!!

  • titans

    buy em both… me, i aLReady got the “united we Rise” and “ohio state” edition of ZLVI and the ZSIII POP but i wiLL definiteLy cop this “MVP” shoe.

  • Lewis

    A must have.

  • Lewis

    N/A stands for …?

  • Lewis

    where can u get them on the internet? haven’t seen them yet on nikestore.com

  • wamz

    KINDA WEAK :cry:

  • Cody

    These shoes suck , straight up!

  • jason

    they dont come out till sat 5/30 on nike

  • Blake Spurgeon

    I’m going to
    get these bad boys
    today. I can’t wait.
    Lebron is the best
    and has

  • James

    Lebron has the hottest shoe in the world. I can’t wait to get them

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