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Back in November, the LeBron James Family Foundation has teamed up with the Akron Chlldren’s Hospital to take part in the annual Holiday Tree Festival. The LJFF’s contribution was made up of LeBron’s signature Nike sneakers, including the 8 PS Elite, 9 PS Elite, 10, 10 PS Elite, Ambassador 5, Soldier 4 and Soldier 6… all dressed in classic Miami Heat colors. Now all of them, a set of 47 pairs, is up for grabs though a single auction on eBay. All pairs are very rare Nike Player Exclusives in size 16 fitted for King James. The BIN has been set at at $42 000, which means it’s nearly $900 a pair. Any takers?

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Jan 16, 2014 at 9:53 am | lebron-xnike-lebron-shoes

Today is LeBron James’ 29th birthday. Seems like thing really can’t get any better for The King, who has collected numerous titles to his name including: Two NBA Championships. Two-time Finals MVP. Four-time league MVP. Nine-time All-Star. Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and the latest AP Athlete of the Year award. And yes… he’s not even 30. His Nike LeBron signature line hit $300 million mark in sales last year and is expected to reach $400 million this year. There’s no bigger name in jersey sales either. All this and you get the sense that the best is yet to come. A couple of more years could shape one of the greatest basketball legacies we’ve ever seen. In order to say a proper Happy Birthday I’ve selected the LEBRON 10, which may become the most significant shoe is his collection and is pretty special to LBJ himself.

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Dec 30, 2013 at 4:39 pm | lebron-xnike-lebron-shoesphotography

lebron james nba 131223 mia vs atl 00 LeBron James Wears 3 Shoes in 1 Game. Puts Milsap on a Poster.

I guess the story of how LeBron James is having problems with the Nike LeBron XI is not over yet. He wore the LEBRON 11 in 4 games straight, which gave us the impression the redefined version actually works. Last night, he might have become the first person in NBA history to wear three different shoes in one game. He started in LEBRON 11 Away, but switched to LEBRON 10 Elite in second quarter in order to go back to a different LEBRON 11 (Home PE) for the second half. James continues to puzzle sneakerheads, but this time it may have been an isolated incident because he came back to 11′s… just to a different pair. What we should remember from last night’s game vs. the Hawks was James’ crunch time dunk, who claimed Paul Millsap as his latest dunk victim and an important overtime win for the Miami Heat.

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Dec 24, 2013 at 8:20 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketballnba-photos

How do you celebrate 50 straight sellouts in NBA? If you’re Draymond Green you write a special thank you message on your shoes. The Golden State Warriors celebrated 50 straight sellouts at Oracle Arena last week and Draymond commemorated the feat by writing “50 Straight. Thx Fans. Dub Nation” on his new NIKE SOLDIER VII shoes. We took a closer look at all his sneaker wears from this season and his rotation is very impressive… just like last year. Seems like, he wears more LEBRON shoes than King James himself. This season, he’s laced up a couple of LEBRON 10′s (regular and elite), the aforementioned SOLDIER 7′s and even LEBRON 11 iD’s… all in native Dub Nation colors. Continue reading for a detailed look.

wearing brons nba soldier7 draymond warriors 02 Draymond Green Celebrates 50 Sellouts with new LEBRON iDs
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Dec 23, 2013 at 12:02 pm | nike-lebron-shoeszoom-soldier-vii

LeBron James continues to use the Nike LeBron X PS throughout the 2013-14 NBA Season. Last night he wore the Finals PE colorway in a rematch of the 2013 Eastern Conference Finals vs the Indiana Pacers. In the previous game versus the Detroit Pistons he broke the Miami Home edition, which means he’s almost run out of “new” LEBRON 10 PS colorways to wear. Comparing to the 2013 NBA Playoffs he has yet to wear the White & Black version. All the other shoes have already re-appeared on the court this season. All the “kicks-on-court” information is available in the 2013-14 Timeline, which now includes a total number of wears for the Nike LeBron 11. So far King James wore them in 13 out of 88 possible quarters (22 games).

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Dec 11, 2013 at 4:42 pm | lebron-jamesnba-basketballnba-photos

Nothing has been officially confirmed, but LeBron James is still searching for the right fit with the Nike LeBron XI. It’s no secret he’s a huge fan of the Zoom Max cushioning setup used in the LEBRON X PS, which combined with his custom orthotics is far more challenging to get with the Lunarlon & Zoom Air tooling. It’s good to know he’s chosen comfort over marketing. That’s a smart play especially with the three-peat on the horizon. Last year’s LEBRON 10 was a big hit on and off the courts helping Nike Basketball reach the $300 million mark in sales for 2012, which was attributed to a huge sales boost for the LeBron X. Has James’ decision to play in “old shoes” negatively affected sales of the LEBRON 11? No! According to Matt Powell of SportsOneSource there’s a 35% increase in revenue and 18% increase in units sold in comparison to the LEBRON 10 during the same time period last year. The price difference ($200 vs. $180) explains the large money differential, but the units increase is far more impressive piece of news. About 150k units have been sold thus far and the Parachute Gold version was the largest release to date.

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Dec 4, 2013 at 6:30 pm | lebron-xinike-lebron-shoes

After trying out the LEBRON 11 in nearly 5 straight quarters throughout games versus Phoenix and Cleveland, King James is back to wearing the LEBRON X PS Elite. While new questions regarding the Nike LeBron XI arise with each day, I wonder if fans would like to join LBJ and get on the LEBRON 10 PS bandwagon. Nike Basketball has not been able to resolve the situation, or provide an explanation, however, they could restock LeBron’s old kicks on Nike iD. Apparently it’s an awesome basketball shoe. Usually, new kicks replace the previous model, but I think it would be a good idea to restock the LeBron X P.S. Elite alongside the LeBron XI. I have a feeling some fans would really appreciate another chance to design a pair. I know I would. Continue reading and take a closer look at my latest Nike iD build titled “4x MVP, 2x Champ” sporting a classic Miami Heat look.

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Dec 3, 2013 at 6:44 pm | lebron-xnike-lebron-shoesphotography

Last night, LeBron James wore the Miami Away edition of the Nike LeBron XI for only the second time this season. However, after the first quarter he went back to his favorite Black and Gold edition of the Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite. In the last game he wore the Miami Home PE for the whole game, but seems like the problem hasn’t been resolved for all his shoes. Statistically, James wore the LEBRON 11 for about 13 quarters in 15 games!

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