Yet Another Look at Nike Sportswear’s LeBron X Cork QS »

Mar 6, 2013 at 6:12 pm | lebron-xshoes

Being a LeBron-head is hard these days. The majority of this season’s releases was fairly easy to get. However, the most important of them all – the Championship Cork – turned out to be as limited as we have all feared. Right now you either got them for retail and hopefully you’re already breaking necks on the streets, or they’re sitting in a glass case. The other group is still hitting that F5 button hoping for a re-stock or patiently waiting for the black market prices to drop. Right now the $600-800 range is still considered a steal. The last group has probably moved on awaiting the unveiling of the new LeBron X styles or eyeing the release of the LeBron X P.S. So which one are you? Check out yet another detailed look at the highly sought after style.

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  • JRS

    I have moved on and waiting for the p.s elites to surface.. These aren’t a must have for me, although if I could get them for retail I wouldn’t even hesitate lol..

  • JK

    I really wanted these when I first saw them, but definitely not even close worth the money and trouble to get them.

  • JayDz06

    Lookin’ forward to the P.S. already. Had a legit and fair shot to get these for retail (my store held a raffle), but just wasn’t lucky that day. I can live with that. My home 9 elites are my championship shoes. :)

  • Bruce Balsinde

    Why continue to tease us? Nike sucks, we get it.

  • lairjmjcccb

    Exactly but I hope one day I will get those Corks.

  • martin shawe

    I have a pair of lebron 10 ext chanpagne cork boots for sale,worn once still have box ?300 im in the uk.

  • martin shawe

    You can contact me

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