Coming Soon: Nike LeBron X “BHM” Equipped with $200 MSRP »

Jan 23, 2013 at 1:38 pm | lebron-xshoes

There are 3 models of the Nike LeBron X currently available on the market. The most expensive Nike+ Sport Pack ($270), Nike+ Enabled ($200), and regular “flat swoosh” ($180). We haven’t seen any Nike Plus editions of as late and it seems like it’s going to stay this way. Too bad for those who long for that diamond cut swoosh seen on most of LeBron James’ styles. However, the upcoming BHM colorway comes with a higher price tag of $200 and it doesn’t appear that it’s Nike+ compatible at all. How do you feel about another price bump? Is another $20 worth the money for the Black History Month details?

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    These are NOT + enabled. They are saying $20 price hike is because they are donating that extra money to some charity or cause or some BS

  • torotrigger

    bs or not they are pretty limited and im glad i already have mine in the mail.

    i appreciate some of the patterns they are doing with the ASGs and these, i dont need the same colorblocking on every shoe.

  • ??????

    hell no that shit cray

  • Kaczala

    True but I still can’t get over the fact the slap that flat swoosh around, actually it’s 2 of them. It looks cheap and it’s shouldn’t cause it’s a freaking $200 shoe!

  • 11

    nigga just say no


    I’ll pay!!!

  • Jonathan

    Pass no thanks

  • Brandon Smith

    It’s the best out of all the BHM shoes this yr but still not good enough for $200

  • Kaczala

    Style code for these is 583109-001 and NOT 586770-010!

  • Sam_NoIAm

    Well I personally hope that I get the chance to buy them this Saturday

  • Yurrppppp

    will they have kids sz 6???

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