Closer Look at Nike LeBron X “Black History Month” Exclusive »

Jan 16, 2013 at 5:13 am | lebron-xshoes

The Black History Month collection will be release at the end of the month. Nike’s 2013 BHM theme features a distinct motif honoring Didier Drogba, Serena Williams and Kevin Durant – athletes who are making a civic impact beyond athletics. Serena has already debuted her [BHM kicks] during the Australian Open, but Nike plans to debut other shoes on court during pro basketball’s Martin Luther King Jr. tribute day on Monday, January 21. However, LBJ is not scheduled to play on that day so it’s still a question if he gets a chance to lace up the BHM X’s. Take a closer look at the Nike LeBron X BHM and let us know if you will be picking up a pair.

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  • Jonathan


  • Elis

    yep! its an easy pass!…

  • Kaczala

    pass x3


    Cop, if you can find for retail!

  • Bruce Balsinde

    I think these look great… some of the best CWs yet. It’s just a shame they’re wasted on BHM.

  • ??????

    i dont no..would have to look n person

  • jwill22

    boring man.. quit with this anthrcite base colorway.. goodness gracious!..another easy pass

  • Brandon Smith

    I read these will be $ 200 i don’t see why these won’t be $180 like the other x’s

  • youngin

    pass the blunt this way cuhh

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