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Sep 30, 2007 at 8:49 am | lebron-vshoes

Yesterday we published a few new photos presenting the first colorway of the upcoming Nike Zoom LeBron V. Today we present the second style Black, Black and Crimson, which is set to release on 12/13… four weeks after the initial one. As we mentioned before, each version has a different nickname and this one has been named Fearless in reference to LeBron’s playing style when he’s on court competing. One of the characteristic things about the Vs is a map of Akron on the back of the tongue. LeBron James, when he was in 6th grade, said that one day he will put Akron on the map and now he did.

Source: Hattrick | From LeBron 5
  • bhonjaze

    first! again, my only initial concern about the upcoming V’s is the traction.. im still doubtful if it surpasses or even just level with the traction that we enjoyed with its immediate predecessor..as well as with the great squeaking and sticky traction of the 20-5-5’s and the Soldiers..

  • Gggggas

    Yeah, I agree with bhonjaze! The pattern on the outsole is the same for both heel and forefoot, plus it is based on eight pods and 2 pivot circles totally, all applied on nike free technology! Kinda like the ZK2 but in this case 4 pods surrounding a pivot circle create each part of the outsole. Looking closely at the outsole, you can see that it is built from the same materials used on the ZLIV, I mean that the rubber pods are inserted in that red rubber-like material which was ok for playing outdoors (durability wise) but IMO the outsole on the ZLV won’t be that durable for outdoor games since most pressure is gonna be applied on the heel and that’s because there won’t be any pressure transition from heel to toe.
    This is my opinion (may be a bit wrong) and I’m talking about outdoor games, since on the hardwood the rubbing factor is not a big issue!!! :mrgreen:

  • Gggggas

    3 pods not four, sorry! :???:

  • Greg

    I agree with you guys… the traction is my main concern too. However, after so many years of great shoes I believe they won’t release a basketball sneaker endorsed by LeBron with a poor on-court traction. Maybe they won’t be as good for outdoors as the 20-5-5s, Soldiers or the IVs, but I have a good feeling they will be pretty awesome indoors. I will let you know about the first impressions soon enough :cool: , I hope.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kid23chris Chris Zapata

    u guys worry about the traction!!! Come on lets be serious …this Sneaker will have everything we need to kick butt on the court!!

  • JD

    Will these comes out in the black/white/red colorway?

  • galle


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