2000-03 Timeline

Note: This section features LeBron James’ shoes timeline for his 2000-2003 SVSM career. You can see all the colorways including Player Exclusives which were used by King James throughout his dominant career at the SVSM High School in Akron, Ohio. Because the pics are almost impossible to find we don’t have the exact date of the first wear, but the regular info like shoe name and colorway name are still here.
Covered time span: 01/01/200005/01/2003.
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Adidas Kobe Adidas Kobe Two USA Adidas Kobe Two Silver
Adidas Promodel Adidas Promodel Adidas T-Mac I
Adidas T-Mac II Adidas T-Mac II Adidas T-Mac II


Nike Zoom Flight 2k3 Away Nike Zoom Flight 2k3 Home Nike Air Max Finisher
Nike Shox Limitless Home Nike Shox Limitless Away Nike Ultraflight
Nike Ultraflight Nike Shox VC2 Home Nike Shox VC2 Away


Air Jordan IX Air Jordan XVIII


Reebok Question Reebok Question