Note: Please allow time for all the pics to load.
Nike Zoom LeBron VI Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron V Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron III Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron II Collection
Nike Air Zoom Generation Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron White and Red Team
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Fruity Pebbles (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron VI NYC Big Apple (Exclusive)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV New York City (Exclusive)
Nike Zoom LeBron VI OSU Home (GR)
Nike Zoom LeBron III Superman Red (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron Superman Blue (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Home (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron III China (Exclusive)
ZLVI: Triple Black, Yankees
Nike Zoom LeBron III Laser 3M (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron III Oilers (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron VI Miami (Exclusive)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Hardwood Classic (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron II Chamber Of Fear (PE)
ZLV: Christ The King Home&Away PEs
Nike Zoom LeBron II Hardwood Classic (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron Black/White/Red Collection
ZLVI: Business, ZLV: Yankees

February 24 2009 05:29 am CST

  • Montrel

    What Does PE Stand for?

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  • rj

    [quote comment=”26237″]What Does PE Stand for?[/quote]
    Player exclusive. and good collection by the way

  • Lebron the king


  • JJ

    UN-real collection. i wish i could have all those kicks are they all your size! i want the fruity pebbles sooooo much its just what the missus thinks i guess lol!

    Thanks for the pics


  • ENDs

    holy crap u got a mean collection!!!!!!!!!!!!! much PROP$ i need those kid and athlete lebron VI’s those r my 2 fav of the lebron’s, luvin those yankee V’s and luvin ur whole god damn collec man, how do you not rock them though?? its gotta b tough, i like to say i rock my stuff but i luv seing it brand new and clean also, haha i havent worn any of my city pack VI’s still debating :lol:

  • Oneonenine

    this collection is so damn raw !
    good stuff shadow.

  • win

    nice collection right there :mrgreen:

  • lebron collector

    got more????i have every color and edition of each of those :mrgreen: how can u be a collector in so i can post mine 2!!

  • [quote comment=”27965″]got more????i have every color and edition of each of those :mrgreen: how can u be a collector in so i can post mine 2!![/quote]
    use the contact form ;)

  • x23xWITNESSx23x

    dang u must be like loaded or something, i am glad when i can afford to pay for my GR, dang this is one tight collection. wish i had them all all i got is 1 GR zsII, GR VI, GR zsIII

  • wow… fucin wicked and i thought i was a big lebron james fan.. :shock:

  • Brandon diaz

    hi there please please please tell me where to buy and how much is the lebron VI (red,black,white) shoes? i really like those shoes! i’m having a hard time finding those here in the philippines, even in manila.

  • FliGhT23IV

    got any size 13-16 ur trying to sell hit me up!

  • how much for the fruitypebbles?

  • nice KickZZZ…………….,

  • pls help me on how to be a collector in


  • Byrd

    U try n 2 sale a pair?

  • Byrd

    O forgot to put the size it’s a 9

  • Brett Price

    bomb collection…if your interested in buying the fairfax lebrons 7’s (exclusives for fax players) let me know n, get back at me!

  • FliGhT23IV

    brett I’m interested in buying some fairfax 7s

  • Rigo

    You selling any pairs in size 13?

  • jerod

    hey man anything in size 15?

  • shad

    hey !! lebron IV hardwood classic .. size 9 ?? do you have ?

  • Great collection

  • Cdonihoo123

    Personal Edition/ Player Edition Ive herd both

  • lbj6

    ummmm WOW!!!!!!!! best collaction ever
    Lovin the fruity pebbles IV i have them too, nice to see another fruity pebbles lover

  • DJ

    what does PE and GR mean

  • Player Exclusive and General Release