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Nike Zoom LeBron IV Fruity Pebbles #1 (PE)
LeBron’s 2006 NBA Playoffs Pack (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Hardwood Classic (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Fruity Pebbles #2 (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron III Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron II Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron II Dunkman (PE)
Nike Air Zoom Generation Black/Gold (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron IV All-Star (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon Home and Away (PE)
LeBron II, Zoom 20.5.5. – Triple-Double (PE)
AZG: First-Game, All-Star, Black/Gold, SVSM (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron Remix (PE)
Zoom 20.5.5., LeBron III – USA Basketball (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron 20.5.5. Asia Exclusives
White and Red Zoom LeBron PEs
Nike Air Force 1 LeBron (PE)
Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon Home (PE)
Zoom LeBron Collection #1
Zoom LeBron Collection #2

November 17 2007 05:02 am CST

  • Anthonyj2tfw

    Where Your LeBron 5s At Man? It doesnt matter best lebron collection ive seen yet… where do you get all those exclusives at you have kicks i only see on the net

  • Trip Latta

    can i buy any of those?

  • Brent

    Anything in size 9?

  • hey can i buy one of your lebron 4 fruity pebbles? please tell me asap. thank!

  • wjw56

    wow, this has to be one of the best lebron collections out there! great job.

  • man all yo kicks is cold

  • mario

    i like penuts

  • anthoon

    ive seen better

  • john

    hey are u sellin any lebrons 4 or any of ur nike zoom 20-5-5 ?? if so locate me at

  • alex

    hey, im lookin to buy those AZG SVSM (PE) in a 9 or 9.5, mail me back

  • dose anyone know were tp get lebron 3 remix or superman blue??

  • dillon

    anything for sale…if so contact me at

  • Alexander

    How can I buy a model of Lebron? You sell these models? What is the value? I am in Brazil and would like to receive at home. Do you know of any system of communication that I use?
    Sorry for the amount of questions.
    Thank you.

  • omar

    how much for the fruitypebbles? email me plz

  • Brett Price

    add to your collection the lebron 7’s(fairfax exlcusive for players only edtion) get back at me and let me know if your interested

  • Rigo

    You selling any pairs in size 13?

  • Rigo
  • Parker Smith

    Dear Rudolph,

    How much do you want for the lebron 4 fruity pebbles? I will go up to $500 please reply to or call me at 252 675 8583

  • Parker Smith

    Any size the size doesnt matter.

  • shad

    can i buy lebron III ? size 9 >?

  • Excellent

  • Circamuska30

    hey u selling the usa 20-5-5?