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Nike Air Zoom Generation Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron II Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron III Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron IV Collection
Nike Zoom LeBron V China Exclusive (GR)
Nike Zoom LeBron 20.5.5. Collection
Nike Air Force 1 LeBron “Chamber of Fear”
All-Star Exclusives
Birthday Exclusives
China Exclusives
Black/Crimson Zoom LeBron Collection
Black/White/Red Zoom LeBron Collection
White/Navy Zoom LeBron Collection
White/Gold Zoom LeBron Collection
White/Silver Zoom LeBron Collection

December 27 2007 03:08 am CST

  • Trip Latta

    Can I somehow buy any of these shoes?

  • Sports23fan22

    Awesome collection!

  • mario

    what up nigga

  • usman

    hey got any pairs in size 8.5 or9 or 9.5 your willing to sell mostly in 20-5-5 or zoom 3s??

    email me at

  • Brett Price

    Are you interested in buying the fairfax edition 7’s? Fresh from the box and all. Get back at me if you want pics.


    DAmn son i just strated my lebron collection recently…..your collection is ill though.. ;-)

  • Rigo

    You selling any pairs in size 13?

  • Dmitri

    Hey, can I order

    1) Nike Zoom LeBron V, (Sample -white\navy\gold or Exclusive SVSM HOME) – 1 pair

    2) Nike Zoom LeBron V, (Sample – Black\white\red #1\#2\ or CR – Black\white\crimson) – 1 pair

    all in 11,5 size (29,5 cm) with delivery to Kiev, Ukraine



  • papi

    willing to part ways with any of your IIIs? in size 13?
    very nice collection you’ve got there.

  • Super nice collection

  • Circamuska30

    hey u selling the usa 20-5-5?