Overhead View of the LeBron 13 Shows a Bizarre Lacing System »

Sep 16, 2015 at 6:55 am | lebron-xiiishoes

The LEBRON 12 was pretty difficult to lace/re-lace, right? Relacing the Elite version was even worse and gave people nightmares. I read somewhere that it took about 1 hour for some people! That’s crazy. All this because Nike didn’t give us Dynamic Flywire on all lace loops and decided to do the cut-outs instead. Maybe it does help with performance and prevent the laces loosening up. Maybe it does aid the casual way of lacing when you can leave your laces hanging and still get some lockdown. Maybe that’s all true, but I still want to be able to decide for my own how tight the laces should be. The LeBron 12 was not easy to work with in this matter.

The early shots of the LEBRON 13 has given people some scares about the lacing and this new overhead look won’t help resolve the situation. I’m excited for the dynamic stretch fit upper as well as body mapped hyperposite panels. They both sound great for performance. I just hope it won’t lead to yet another bizarre lacing solution. From the look of it the LEBRON XIII inherited the asymetrical lacing, the cut-outs and adds a Hyperposite plate right in the middle. I have no idea how would that work and where the laces go, but I really hope we won’t need special tools to lace up LeBron’s new kicks.

Overhead View of the LeBron 13 Shows a Bizarre Lacing System Overhead View of the LeBron 13 Shows a Bizarre Lacing System From LeBron 13

Source: @sayitwityakickz

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  • Apart from the weird lacing… this is one of the better angle for the LeBron 13. Still underwhelming based on pics alone. Need to see these in person. That might save them.

  • Joshua James Morales

    I like the 13?seems like its just me so far

  • Stacey H

    My son has LeBron 13 shoes. A punk at school unlaced one and we can’t get it re-laced. It shouldn’t be this hard to re-lace a shoe and you shouldn’t need a special tool (I am assuming I need one).

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