A 360 Degree Overview of the Nike LeBron 13… For Kids »

Aug 17, 2015 at 7:12 am | lebron-xiiishoes

A new batch of pics featuring the upcoming Nike LeBron 13 has hit the Internet. We now have a complete 360 degree overview of LeBron James’ newest signature shoe. The first Nike LeBron 13 colorway will release on October 10th for $220, but I believe the regular price for the standard colorways will stay at $200. That’s the optimistic version of events to come. The first pair will be this berry colored version, which was introduced by King James during the Nike Basketball Academy, with more common styles to follow on the global launch planned for October 24th.

A 360 Degree Overview of the Nike LeBron 13 For Kids A 360 Degree Overview of the Nike LeBron 13 For Kids A 360 Degree Overview of the Nike LeBron 13 For Kids From LeBron 13

Source: @kicksordie.

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  • Juraj Kraljik

    These are bad. Like… Really bad!

  • Keep in mind this is probably just a Grade School version hence only 3 Zoom pods in the forefoot. Still… these are… well… not THAT great.

  • Mora

    ultra ugly

  • Hoops1999

    What is with that side panel?

  • Do you mean the “clover”? ;)

  • Joshua James Morales

    220? really?.these will be the most seen lebron due to them sitting a price dropping out the gate

  • Alaric Garanganga

    i think Nike is making Lebron’s signature shoes more functional, purpose built for the court and the EXTs for lifestyle…..im guessing from here on out Nike will be creating beasts on court but ugly to look at.

  • Castafi Carmona

    Sorry but these jounks r garbage to look at. I bought 9,10,11,12 but I will pass on the 13 if this is what nike comes out with..I’m a Lebron fan but sorry Bron nike ganked, wingdinged, hoodwink and some more other s#!t on u on these 13

  • I understand your point, but not what I signed up for. That’s now how sneakerheads were raised ;). In the past shoes were both functional with top performance for basketball and appealing enough for causal wear.

    Performance is definitely #1 in my book, but if that’s the case I’m buying 1-2 colorways each model instead of the usual 5+.

  • Juraj Kraljik

    Let’s be real. We know that they look a bit shabby compared to mens sizes, but the design will remain the same, just awful. Wtf was JP thinking? Since the 10 they lost it.

  • Alaric Garanganga

    True, i get where you coming from, i think the designers aren’t being given the freedom they used to have back then. Maybe because the tech in the shoes was pretty much the same. Its either the shoe was gonna have an air max unit or zoom pads. and materials were mostly leathers. Now we got hyperfuse, engineered mesh, flyweave, flynit, foamposite, visible zoom max uints, hexagonal zoom pods……the list goes on. And its more a show of how technologically advanced the shoe is over the competition. Nike knows people are going to buy because of Lebron’s name on the shoes. Probably why they are lacking in creativity. Bad for sneakerheads……..guess we will just have to wait for Lebron’s retros……

  • Mook Dunson


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