First Underwhelming Look at Nike LeBron 13 »

Jul 19, 2015 at 3:38 am | lebron-xiiishoes

After a series of leaks from the Nike Basketball Academy… each of which tried to offer a slightly better look of LeBron James wearing a pair of the LeBron 13 we finally have a close up picture… well sort of. Right now it’s only a single look at both the quality of the photo and the shoe itself are underwhelming upon the very first inspection. The Nike LeBron XIII doesn’t have that marquee signature feeling at the moment but knowing Nike it will take the right colorway or two to have us convinced. Or maybe not this time? What do you think?

First Underwhelming Look at Nike LeBron 13 First Underwhelming Look at Nike LeBron 13 From LeBron 13
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  • Hoops1999

    Ken Link needs to come back

  • Kano Kash

    Ken Link, if living is without you,
    Ken Link, i ken link anymore.
    Ken Link, if living is without you
    Ken Link, i ken link anymore.

    peace out! :-)

  • Lucky CKO

    Let’s do ken link Jason and tinker on one shoe ohhh weeee would be awesome

  • Maybe it’s the the new Ambassador and we got tricked into believing it’s the 13, lol :D

  • KillerCloud7

    Actually the ambassador even looks better ?

  • KillerCloud7

    What?? Lol

  • KillerCloud7

    Ever since Lebron went back to Cleveland his shoes have not been selling like they did when he was down here. He made a bad business move lol. It’s not always bout money you get on court, endorsements mean a lot! He’s gonna end up losing the lead to KD if they keep in this direction. Look like some UA shit lol

  • KillerCloud7

    If his sales keep dropping he will. KDs prices are more favorable and sell pretty good.

  • KD’s prices are going up too. The gap is smaller now… only $20.
    KD might be closer to LBJ in sales because the KD 8 looks good and if they play this right and LeBron 13 stays underwhelming… well that’s all you need.

  • Brockley Barnes

    sales def have not dropped !!!

  • Brockley Barnes

    Signature Shoe Sales 2014

    LeBron James: $340 million (Nike)

    Kevin Durant: $195 million (Nike)

    Kobe Bryant: $105 million (Nike)

    Chris Paul: $32 million (Nike/Jordan)

    Derrick Rose: $32 million (Adidas)

    Carmelo Anthony: $30 million (Nike/Jordan)

    John Wall: $8 million (Adidas)

    Dwight Howard: $1.5 million (Adidas)

    Up and Comers

    Kyrie Irving: $7 million (Nike). Shoe released in Dec.

    Damian Lillard: $1.8 million (Adidas). Shoe released in Jan.

    Source: SportScanInfo

  • KillerCloud7

    Calm the fuck down nobody went looking for references about his shoes, but if das for 2014 I’m sure it’s dropped off this year. Have to wait in see after the year is over duh… U really defensive over some shoes dat ain’t even got your name on it dafuq lol

  • KilledCloud7 got KILLED

    u mad bro? BUSTED!!!! don’t tell us what you think, it aint the truth and you have no proof! ahahaha

  • KillerCloud7

    That’s numbers based off the 11s. The 12s year hasn’t ended yet. Right? So either way it’s no proof if they fell off until after the 12s are done. Either way I don’t argue over numbers like some shoe fanboy and talk about the shoes, I buy em. And if they actually do better than the 11s which I don’t think they will, I buy you the cookie you feel like you so richly deserve. Deal? *yall make people who into shoes look like nerds because you get so excited over nothing, grow up. It’s not a good look on you and it’s sad*

  • Chidi Sam Nnamani

    Kylie signatures will soon be the only shoes that can match up the King’s in about 3 years time unless Nike gives A. Davies a signature

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