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Nov 8, 2013 at 3:09 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

LeBron James continues to use the Nike LeBron X instead of the newly released LEBRON 11. Last night he debuted a commemorative Hoops for Troops colorway. Despite wearing nearly 30 different styles last season, he still goes for a fresh pair. Personally, I think this will be over soon as James is about to test the modified LeBron XI’s very soon. My guess is on raising the toebox, however, other modifications are possible too. Last night, Dwyane Wade scored 29 and had seven assists and lead the Miami Heat to a 102-97 victory against the Los Angeles Clippers. Wade’s play for the Heat was able to offset a subpar night from LeBron James, who was bothered with back pain most of the second half.

James Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEsJames Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEsJames Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEsJames Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEsJames Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEsJames Sticking with LeBron X Debuts Hoops for Troops PEs Show Album
  • Christian

    so is bron injured back wise or just sore? and where did you read that he was going to be testing a modified pair of lebron xi’s? ill be very happy if he finally wears the xi.thanks!

  • John Smith

    Nope, I doubt that He will go back to XI. He will scrap the XI cause there’s nothing that Nike can do right now to keep giving him the X. Nike will do something with XI Elite for Lebron. We just have to sit and wait.

  • Christian

    what makes you think he will compleetey ditch his new signature shoe? that disregards everything this post says

  • I don’t believe that’s going to happen. From what I hear he’ll have a slightly modified toebox soon and go back to XI’s.

  • lairjmjcccb

    The most important is His health.
    X’sI or X’s He is the best in league and will always be.
    I always thought that X’s are something more.
    Btw I’m gonna buy XI Away’s and Graffiti’s.
    But hope the issue will disappear soon.

  • sports23fan22

    I would be a large amount of money that he’ll go back to the 11’s the second the toe box issue gets fixed. He made Nike $300 million last season. There’s too much money riding on the 11’s to match that total. They won’t if he doesn’t wear them.

  • John Smith

    I believe He is not going back to XI, Don’t matter what Nike is trying to get this to fix. They will move on and fix that problems on XI Elite. What’s the point trying to fix on XI when Lebron switch to X. They will improve their mistakes from XI to XI Elite. Cause it will be a waste of time for them trying to get XI to be fixed while Nike and Lebron had the whole time to create this shoes. It’ll be pointless to try get XI to be fixed.

  • Big G

    if he has problems with XI, will we have problems with the shoe? or is it just his feet too messed up for the shoe?

  • John Smith

    His feet is too messed up for XI, We don’t. I just don’t understand that Lebron n Nike had the whole year to come up with His New XI. I guess His Prototype XI was loose than what it was made right now.

  • John Smith

    I did tried on XI’s n it’s really comfortable shoes except for the toe box has very little room to wiggle Your Toes. Cause it’s slim in the toe box, I think that’s where the problem are for Lebron’s toes. We all know Lebron’s toes are messed up and His toes are going up not down. I noticed that He played in XI that night He had hard time running n moving then He decided to switch back to X’s.

  • According to Matt Powell the fact LeBron doesn’t wear the 11’s hasn’t hurt the sales.

  • sports23fan22

    They won’t “fix the 11’s” overall, they’ll just modify his personal shoes somehow. It’s not really that difficult to implement, they just had to figure out what’s bugging him. I have a feeling it’s the toe box but the toe box due to the lunarlon. Lunarlon is great for running but you do a lot of cutting in basketball, which puts pressure on the front. I think the lunarlon is allowing his foot to compress too much near to toe box because of it, causing increased pressure. I have suffered from this same thing when playing basketball in shoes that don’t have firm support up front. Nike needs to replace the insoles with a customized insole that has additional support up front.

  • sports23fan22

    Not yet. The sneakerhead hype hasn’t dropped enough yet. However, I wonder how it will hurt sales if he doesn’t wear the christmas ones or the all star ones? We will see…

  • I agree… if they don’t fix this soon others might start to lose their interest. I am all in though. I know it’s a great shoe!

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