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Aug 9, 2013 at 5:11 pm | lebron-xshoes

The biggest release of the year – the Nike LeBron X Celebration Pack – arrives tomorrow at select Nike Basketball accounts. It was designed to commemorate LeBron James winning his second NBA championship with the Miami Heat. The pack features one pair of the Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite and one pair of the Nike Air Max LeBron X Low. Let’s make one thing clear… this will be a very limited release and the retail price set at $500 is not even an issue here. The in store pairs are probably already accounted for, but there will be additional pairs available online at at 8AM EST. Good luck to all my LeBron friends and please be sure to stay safe before, during and after the launch!

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  • Rodolfo Canela

    It’s a shame that our generation is so sad “please be sure to stay safe before, during and after the launch!” that shows that we have to worry about others OVER SOME FUCKING SNEAKERS… I love his shoes, it’s the only kind I wear and all I get but this is just stupid I don’t even care about missing out on ’em.

  • jwill22

    bro, as much as I want the pack. there is no use of even trying because they are impossible to get and who honestly will feel confident in buying a 5,000 dollar resale sneaker(s)….nobody haha. This pack is a joke to release if real fans can not get them.

  • airfox23

    I feel you bro

  • Another year… another fail.
    Employees are still selling these out of the trunk. What a shame!

    Hopefully LeBron gets another ring for a chance for Nike to better themselves.

  • sports23fan22

    That’s what I’ve tried telling people. I’ve seen guys with 10 legit pairs for sale. How can that happen if not for these employees at stores ripping of the real fans?

  • sports23fan22

    Once again Nike sucks. I have a fiber optic internet and refreshed and clicked immediately. It is truly not possible to get to Nike’s website faster than I did and yet, no luck. What a sham.

  • I didn’t get the shoes… that’s fine. But it’s sad that I don’t know anyone that got these and I know a lot of real LeBron fans. It’s a disaster!

  • airfox23

    Special shout out to all those bots

  • airfox23

    I’m just telling you. Man, not fair, not fair….

  • Marco Tafolla

    Btw what does bots stand for ???

  • sports23fan22

    It really is. Nike is a joke. What’s unfortunate is that they have all the leverage because the supply for these things will always been ridiculously high so even if some of us try to make a stand, it won’t matter.

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