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Jul 25, 2013 at 1:21 pm | eventslebron-james

This summer LeBron James returns to Asia for his eighth tour with plenty to celebrate: his second straight league championship and a fresh final MVP award along with his fourth regular season MVP award. James started his Witness History World Tour in the Philippines, however, the following four-day Nike China leg takes him to Guangzhou, Wuhan and Beijing. In this very short time he’s already went though all of his signature shoes, which includes the LeBron X and Soldier VII as well as the other take-down models like the Ambassador VI and ST Low II. Being in Guangzhou, James launched his anticipated Championship Pack. Actual numbers have not been disclosed, but judging by the first photo it’s more than last year. Continue reading for more pics from LeBron’s 2013 Asia Tour.

King James Shows Off His Signature Shoes in ChinaKing James Shows Off His Signature Shoes in ChinaKing James Shows Off His Signature Shoes in ChinaKing James Shows Off His Signature Shoes in ChinaKing James Shows Off His Signature Shoes in China
  • jwill22

    please release them wider nike…we don’t want this limited stuff no more

  • sports23fan22

    Numbers don’t matter anymore. If they’re limited, regardless of how limited, they’re going to be $3K+.


    Heard He is NOT friendly over there and some Philippians are right beside him. They didn’t say anything to him at all what He said to them ? “No Pictures, No Autograph” WHAT A DOUCHE! That’s ASHAME coming off from him. He must be a RACIST!

  • Austin

    Well consider if he said yes then EVERYONE would line up and dog him. Plus he had some pictures with some of the players after the event so media erred again.


    Then why He hosting an event there for ? If He host it and He knows that Philippians want to take pictures and autograph from him. If He don’t want it then don’t host an event. Simple as that instead of leaving there with “Pride” and having them feeling “Let Down”. That’s even SO LOW from Him.


    Oh! He host there because of his shoes. WHOOPIE DOO! He could had host it here in the State where He came from. Not over there! He’s an IDIOT for hosting in Philippe, He is FULL OF IT. Only Money can meet him but where’s the heart for it ? NONE!

  • House Of Spain

    LeRacist, you sound so ignorant, if you don’t like lebron don’t visit his websites.


    Oh Yeah! You are LeCock’s Rider, You’re LOVING IT!

  • Rodolfo Canela

    It’s ignorant to say he is “racist.” He’s done this to everyone, not just these people. Stop referring to people as a race, we’re all the same. Every famous person is like this, it’s people like you who find any little thing to hate him for.


    You just said “Every famous person are like this”. If You say that then why are You supporting him ? You’re just another LeCock’s Riders that’s all there is. He ain’t got NO HEART for You or anybody else. Only Your MONEY You’re DUMBASS. You are missing the whole point of Player that should be. He has no heart of soul that player should had been at the beginning. This is all about the fame and eyes on him, that’s all there is.

  • jwill22

    why don’t you fuck off then? LeBron does not got time to take a picture with everyone! he is a good dude. you never hear anything bad from him off the court! Doesn’t mean he is a perfect human being but you single him out like he is the only dude. My brother in law’s buddy caddied for Michael Jordan and he said Jordan was a complete dick…there are many people that can do worse sir.

  • mouse

    first of all it’s “Filipinos”

    Second of all obviously he doesn’t want to give autographs because he’s busy hosting an event. Everyone would bug him and nothing would get done. People knew what they were getting, they want to see him play in person.

    and learn some damn english, your grammar is horrible.

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