Miami Heat, Referees Struggle Through Game 4. Pacers Tie Series. »

May 29, 2013 at 1:17 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

The Indiana Pacers outscored the Miami Heat 13-3 in the final five minutes to pull out a 99-92 victory in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals. LeBron James fouled out on a very questionable call by Joey Crawford with 56 seconds left, defying the notion that superstars get preferential treatment by the referees. James fouled out for the first time in any game this season and the second time in his postseason career. The series, tied 2-2, shifts to Miami for Game 5 Thursday. Continue reading for a complete gallery after the jump.

Miami Heat Referees Struggle Through Game 4 Pacers Tie SeriesMiami Heat Referees Struggle Through Game 4 Pacers Tie Series Show Album
  • John Smith

    Most Embarrassing Game that I had ever seen! They were down by 10 point then came back up about 7 mins left in the Game. They had it coming then they lost it! Don’t Make Any Sense!

  • Makes perfect sense if you’re willing to accept that the NBA rigs games and this was one of them.

  • Fabiancortez

    Complete B.S. Foul Calls…. Blatant Bull… 2nd career Post Season Foul out…. Pure Garbage calls and that Bullshit Technical in the 1st quarter. Miami is going to Literally Beat the SHIT out of the Pacers Thursday night

  • I hope so. What’s even more annoying is that all of the sports writers are openly admitting that the refs were dreadful but are saying that shouldn’t be an excuse. I’m sorry but are you freaking kidding me Windhorst? Lol, maybe his fat butt has never played sports but good teams/players often play each other pretty closely. If the refs call a dozen bad calls in one team’s favor, that team will win.

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