LeBron X PS Elite iD is Now Available to Customize on Nike iD »

Apr 23, 2013 at 3:46 pm | lebron-xshoes

Nike Basketball is expected to release four different colorways of the Nike LeBron X PS Elite. Similar to what hey did last year with the LeBron 9 PS Elite. However, this time, if you’re not a fan of the White/Gold, Superhero, Infrared, or Turquoise colorways, you can design your own using the Nike iD platform. It will cost you an awful lot… $300, $320, or $390 depending on the Nike Plus options of your choosing, but if you think it’s pricey in the States then think again. Fans in Europe are having a hard time ordering a pair because it costs about $370 for the cheapest version in the UK all the way up to $550 (!) in Germany for the Sport Pack. Nike, that’s crazy. Anyway, if you can afford it, there are some great color options available. Feel free to share your designs via twitter, facebook or the post comment system below.

LeBron X PS Elite iD is Now Available to Customize on Nike iDLeBron X PS Elite iD is Now Available to Customize on Nike iD
  • John Smith

    I would had copped them but it’s not gonna happen with that price! OUCH! Nike is gonna loose business for that shoes, there is no way for anybody would pay these compare they will pay for Jordan’s.

  • They won’t lose business. “Losing” business would mean they would have trouble selling manufactured shoes. That is not the case with these. They do not make your shoe until you order it and they have no problem with that. They didn’t sell a bunch of 9 Elites so they’re probably not expecting to sell a bunch of X Elites either.

  • andrew k

    i like the lebron x elite but that price is ridiculous im still interested in these but that price is steep

  • andrew k

    i was customizing for fun earlier and i made an exact replica as the shoe lebron wears above i didnt even realize it while i was doing it. i guess lebron and i bothe have good taste

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