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Apr 19, 2013 at 6:19 pm | launch-datelebron-xshoes

Playoff time is finally upon us and Nike Basketball’s signature star LeBron James is chasing one thing, a world championship. With the playoffs promising gold, Nike Basketball unveils the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ to celebrate LBJ’s achievements in the final stretch to ultimate victory. On Saturday, April 20th, House of Hoops, and other Foot Locker stores will release the gold-accented LEBRON X PS ELITE+. The signature footwear style draws inspiration from the championship trophy and features lightweight construction, enhanced fit and dynamic protection. The Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite+ is also enabled with Nike+ Basketball, providing athletes everywhere with a distinct competitive advantage. Get ready for the playoffs by copping the latest Nike ELITE+ releases tomorrow in store or online at 8:00 am EST. Fans in Europe will have to show more patience because the release has been postponed till May.



579834-100 White/Metallic Gold-Black
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  • These look so sick!

  • John Smith

    How!? This is Price Hike! Nike is putting a test on Us. If We keep paying their price that they want then they will keep rising the price. Nike Company has made over Billions of Dollars Every Years and they low balling those poor Chinese Workers that has family and kids! Did You see their family and kids!? They are hungry peoples and They work hard for this!

  • Don’t buy them then. It’ll just be easier for everyone else, lol.

  • John Smith

    That’s just plain dumb, can’t even believe how anybody would buy these. If I see somebody wearing them, I will think they are crazy and dumbass. What You trying to prove Yourself ? Prove Your feet that should be $300!? Oh Please! Your $300 are gonna get step on and dirty. What’s the point for that ? What’s that gonna benefit You ? I rather $300 on Foods, Clothes, Be Wise what I pay for the Shoes, last thing Fun.

  • Fabiancortez

    Bruce B!!! Lol Wassup…. your both right. they are PRICEY & you could buy Food, Clothes Etc, eTc, etC….. but ask yourself how much momey do you blow on B.S. stuff in the course of a few weeks……. It adds up trust me. If your not a Knucklehead and take care of things you spend your money on they will last a long time. I have shoes I bought 10 years ago that I wear often that still look NEW. besides if your an Adult your not gonna all of a sudden hit another Growth Spike and get a bigger foot like a 13 year old. but 280$$ is a lot of dough….. I’m still Coppin ‘Em Tho LOL…… And if they don’t sell well enough like the LBJ 9 P.S. Elites you can buy ’em for 119$ like I did when I saw the 9 Elites for that price at HIBBETT SPORTS…. Either way works because that’s a SICK shoe they are TUFF!!!

  • I’m a collector. Sure, $280 is steep but many shoes in my collection have gone up in value tenfold. It’s called an investment.

  • Good to know it’s not an instant sell out :)

  • Rodolfo Canela

    I’m hoping they release a Black/Gold version like last year’s Elite 9’s. I will deff get them.

  • Nike’s website was still acting up this morning though. They really need to fix that.

  • I would like that too. Doesn’t seem like it at this point, though.

  • mimi

    Does anybody know if they will release these in kids size as well?

  • I hope they don’t… I can’t afford any more releases, lol.

  • Fabiancortez

    I got mine….. Albeit from the Nearest Footlocker who participated in my State…….. Orlando Footlocker :-) Sooooooo Fresh in person

  • I was able to get a pair from the Nike website also but early on they were having the same issues they’ve had in recent memory. Bottom line, their servers suck, lol.

  • Fabiancortez

    Yeah I hate that, their Servers do Suck lol. that’s one of the few reasons I got them in person Versus online

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