2013 NBA All-Star: LeBron Sets 3-pointer Mark, but West Wins »

Feb 18, 2013 at 8:24 am | lebron-jamesnba-basketball

Miami Heat superstar LeBron James became the all-time leader in 3-pointers made in the NBA All-Star Game, but it wasn’t enough to beat the Western Conference on Sunday night. The West All-Stars beat the Eastern Conference squad, 143-138, to win for the third straight year. Kobe Bryant’s stuffing of LeBron James in the fourth quarter gave us a rare All-Star Game heat. LBJ had the ball in his hands and a comeback on his mind, but Kobe rejected those plans twice. On another note, I miss the good old days when the East rocked blue kicks and West red. Plain and simple. Now it’s all about who has the most flashy shoes. Even LeBron’s purple Nike LeBron X’s didn’t look as good as as his usual Blue-ish kicks. Check out the gallery from last night’s game below (70+ photos). Via ESPN.

2013 NBA AllStar LeBron Sets 3pointer Mark but West Wins2013 NBA AllStar LeBron Sets 3pointer Mark but West Wins2013 NBA AllStar LeBron Sets 3pointer Mark but West Wins
  • Don’t be like ESPN and report misinformation. Kobe didn’t “reject those plans twice”. The second play you and every idiot on ESPN is referring to was a foul where it was actually called. Just like that shot didn’t register as a miss for LeBron, it didn’t register as a block for Kobe. Quit feeding the hype machine and keep to the facts.

  • jwill227

    thatta boy.

  • You’re right. Still, it was Kobe who denied LeBron and the East any comebacks. LeBron has bigger goals in his sights so it’s all good.

  • Kobe played decent defense, thanks in large part to the refs swallowing their whistles, but as a LeBron fan it’s a little ridiculous constantly reading people’s comments saying how Kobe stuffed LeBron twice and shut him down. But I agree, LeBron could care less about some meaningless play in an all-star game.

  • Yeah, On the second play you can clearly see kobe hold lebron’s arm underneath. Lebron still got up a decent shot..

  • Obviously neither Kobe nor Durant could not handle The King this season when it did matter! 4-0. FTW!

  • MOrale

    Exactly blue and red shoes have to go back. Returning to the game, once again west won. I look forward to all-star, where the the rivalry for the fourth quarter will be in the second. Howard and Bosh – what are they playing? Pffff :)

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