Nike LeBron X “Chrome” Displayed at Area 72 in Houston »

Feb 15, 2013 at 7:06 pm | lebron-xshoes

The NBA All-Star Game is a great chance for Nike to showcase their special designs. This season, Nike has created a fictitious Area 72 collection, which was released earlier this morning. However, if you’re hanging out in Houston you might get a chance to check out the All-Star Chrome collection. Turns out the other extraterrestrial designs are not that flashy compared to the shiny Chrome look on this special Nike LeBron X. Hopefully these won’t end up in retail. Exclusive or not… these things are too much.

Nike LeBron X 8220Chrome8221 Displayed at Area 72 in HoustonNike LeBron X 8220Chrome8221 Displayed at Area 72 in Houston Show Album

  • “Too much”? You’re insane, lol. These things are the single most amazing shoes I’ve ever seen!

  • Never too much… Tops it all…


    Omg! I need chrome Xs in my life!! $$$!!


    Feel like this site is being trolled….ARE YOU GUYS F-ING KIDDING ME?!?!?! These are freakin HIDEOUS!!!!!! Do any of you remember Chrome Dada CDubbz. Well these are worse LMAO

  • I don’t want these to wear, I just think they’re so different and would make any collection better.

  • Jonathan

    Lebron should cover it in diamonds and wear it around his neck. Lmao

  • Thomas Brown


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